Aqua Stream

 Allows you to swim by launching water in the designated direction. Mp is not consumed underwater
Shard Type Directional Shards
Dropped By Deeseama
MP Cost -

Aqua Stream is a Directional Shard in Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. By equipping different shards, players gain acces to skills that can be used for different purposes like combat, movement, and progression of the game. Each Shard can be obtained by defeating the specific enemy that hold it's power. You can acquire multiple Shards of the same type to amplify their power. They can also be enhanced by using materials at Merchants.


Aqua Stream Information

Allows you to swim by launching water in the designated direction. Mp is not consumed underwater

Enhancing it increases coverage


How to Get Aqua Stream


Aqua Stream Notes

    • You can use it to swim when underwater but you won't be able to pick up items or chests unless you use Deep Sinker




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    • Anonymous

      This shard is the single worst part of RotN. Not one time did I need to resort to a walkthrough when playing SotN, and I was only 14 back then. Nothing critical to game progression was locked behind a random enemy drop. That's just bad game design. Screw Order of Eclessia for tainting this game with its garbage shard mechanics.

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