Arvantville is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Arvantville was once a peaceful village that was destroyed and now infested with demons.



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Arvantville Walkthrough

After seeing Gebel and facing the first boss Vepar, the Galleon Minerva sets shore in a demon-infested village called Arvantville. Miriam and Johannes take refuge in a church along with the surviving villagers and an acquaintance of Johannes.

Arriving in Arvantville

Right after defeating Vespar, we'll now find Miriam and Johannes have set shore in a once peaceful village, now turned into a demon-infested village called Arvantville. You'll resume control of Miriam after listening to their dialogues, from here you can either return to the ship and check if you have missed some chests or items but be mindful that the enemies roaming within the ship are still inside. Now, continue forward through the next area leading to the village, you'll be greeted by a 2x Morte, 1x Giant Rat, and 1x Bone Morte. Make sure to destroy the torches with a purple flame for chances of dropping money and candles containing Mana Rose, you'll also find a chest with 500G in it, and killing the Giant Rat will drop 1x Cheese - clear out the demons in the area or avoid them and continue forward to the next area.

Meeting Johannes' Contact

Once you're in the next area, a short cutscene will start where you'll find a helpless girl being chased by a Morte. Right before it attacks, a mysterious blonde long haired woman appears to defend the girl and Miriam jumps in to kill the demon. We soon learn that the woman who knows Miriam is Johannes' contact named Dominique, an exorcist sent by the church to stop the demons from spreading chaos and eventually, to put an end to Gebel's plan. Dominique explains the reason why Johannes was instructed to bring Miriam to the village and the three decides to work together to stop Gebel, we also get to meet Anne, the girl who Miriam and Dominique saved earlier. From here, Johannes, Dominique, and Anne head somewhere safe and you'll get to regain control of Miriam - follow the three to the next area where you'll find it to be the world's hub.

A Safe Ground

You'll find yourself inside what seems to be an abandoned building that Dominique found to be a secure area and after listening to the dialogue, you'll regain control of Miriam. If you head at the West side of the building, you'll find Dominique manning the supply post alongside Anne. Here, you can buy and sell supplies such as Consumables, Weapons, Armor, Scarves, Headgear, and Accessories. You can also trade any unwanted Shards to her in exchange for money, after looking into her inventory, Dominique gives you the key to the locked door at the top-level of the building. At the end of the room, you'll find a small studio with a camera, Dominique mentions she uses it to capture an image of scenery or a person, and Miriam offers to find a Silver Bromide for the mechanism to work. 

After speaking to Dominique, another survivor appears in the mid-level of the building. You'll meet Lindsay a survivor who seeks out to kill the demons who murdered her husband - Lindsay is a Quest giver, speaking to her will show the available quests for Miriam to enlist in. The first quest that will be available is "Avenge the Death of my Husband!".

At the eastern end of the building, you'll find Johannes and his alchemy post where you can craft various items such as Consumables, Weapons, and gear pieces, Dismantle items to obtain Materials, and strengthening your Shards. You can also "Prepare Food" where Miriam will cook food that provides stat buffs upon consumption. Speak to Johannes to obtain 3x Small Webbing, 3x Melting Bone, 4x Iron, and 4x Bronze and he will explain more about his services of transmuting items.

Exploring Arvantville

Once you've spoken to everyone, head to the top-level of the building where Linsday is and use the key that was given by Dominique to unlock the door. Continue on to the next area where you'll find yourself outside of the main hub. You'll find 1x Bone Morte standing on a platform and another on a higher platform. If you look at the west side at the higher platform where the Bone Morte was standing you'll be able to pick up 1x Capacity Up upgrade. Head back down and continue heading east where more enemies such as Aello, Morte await. Make sure to kill the Aello to acquire a Monster Bird Tear. As you continue to move east, you'll come across a locked door, jump up the platforms and kill the Bone Morte standing on one of the platforms. Continue heading up until you reach the platform below a chest, if you continue to jump over the floor, it will collapse, allowing you to fall on the platform where the chest is. Open it to acquire the Elf Ears. Jump down the platform, and you can find another chest with 5x HP Rounds inside it. Continue heading east towards another area where you'll find yourself inside a house. Here, you can interact with the chair for Miriam to sit on it, a chest with 1x Baselard in it can also be found, and make sure to check the bookshelf to learn the Surprise Gift ability/skill. If you drop from the middle of the top of the house, you'll fall to an underground passage. If you go left, you'll stumble to a dead-end wall. If you attack the wall you will break it and find a secret room. Inside this room there's a chest with a 8-bit Coin inside. From here, you can go up again and continue moving east and activate the lever for the drawbridge to drop down - continue pushing forward where you'll now find yourself inside the Entrance of Gebel's castle.




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      If you lift the drawbridge back up and stand on the tip to reach the top. You can head right above the entrance off-screen and get a secret HP and MP upgrade

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