Bridge of Evil is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Bridge of Evil, a path and a train station that leads to the castle's very own Locomotive. 



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Bridge of Evil Walkthrough

After acquiring her credentials with the help of Dominique and Orlok Dracule, Miriam sets forth to the castle's train station where she stumbles upon an acquaintance who briefly joins her aboard a possessed train.

A Truce

At this point, it is recommended that you save your game at the nearest save room you can find before heading to the next location. We continue our journey by heading to the Bridge of Evil. Be sure you have acquired your 1x Passplate by acquiring the Silver Bromide inside a chest after defeating Valac, then speaking to Dominique to get a photograph, followed by Orlok Dracule to acquire the key item. With the Passplate acquired, you'll now be able to gain access through the locked gate.

You'll encounter Zangetsu just beyond the gates of the train station where an exchange of dialogue will soon follow. We'll learn that Zangetsu is having trouble further exploring the train and the two decide to work together - afterward, a short cutscene will follow where we find Zangetsu and Miriam chase the moving train and manage to get on it, from here Zangetsu will accompany Miriam in further exploring the train - Zangetsu can help Miriam deal damage to kill a demon and collect a Mana Rose to replenish Miriam's MP.

All Aboard!

As soon as the two are on the roof of the train, a 5-minute countdown timer starts where we'll have to reach the other end of the train before the timer reaches zero. Head towards the east where you'll encounter 1x Assassin by the crates, followed by another Assassin on top of the first compartment that you can drop down to. After killing the Assassin, continue forward on the train's roof where you can find a chest with 2000G. Open the chest and head down to the first compartment. Push forward and onto the next compartment and use the crates to jump onto a platform where another Assassin is blocking the way, kill it and continue forward. (Assassins may drop a Durable Rag)

You'll now find yourself at the other side of the compartment where the crates were blocking your way, another Assassin will be waiting along your path, the next compartment you'll come across is the passenger's compartment where you can jump back onto the roof and also a locked door, for now, jump back on the train's roof and look to your left where you can obtain 1x Capacity Up - since the roof is too high, Zangetsu will throw out his spear so that you can use it as a platform to get on the roof.

Now, continue traveling on foot on top of the train and head east where you'll encounter 1x Celaeno, kill it and continue forward - another Celaeno will appear on the next roof you jump on to and if you drop down inside the compartment, there will be 1x Assassin and 1x Lili (Killing Lili may have a chance for Miriam to acquire the Bunnymorphosis shard). Assuming you decided to drop down inside the compartment where the Assassin and Lili were, retrace your steps where you'll find a lever that unlocks the door you saw earlier by the passenger's compartment.

After you've unlocked the door, you can continue heading east through the train's compartment where you'll encounter 1x Assassin, 2x Lili, 1x Carriage Morte along your path before reaching a locked door that can be unlocked my Miriam.

Once you've fought your way through the demons, use the right analog stick near the door for Miriam to extend her arm and unlocking the door.

You'll find yourself inside another compartment of the train where it has small crates and sets of stairs, there will be 1x Lili and 1x Assassin roaming the compartment. From here, you'll encounter a red glowing door that indicates a boss battle will begin after passing through the door.

Boss Battle, Glutton Train

A boss battle will begin once you pass through the red glowing door, and the Glutton Train will appear and immediately attack the two with a rain of bullets. Luckily, you have Zangetsu assisting Miriam, and with the projectiles aiming towards the two, Zangetsu will be able to deflect it with his weapon, so be sure to stand behind him to avoid the Glutton Train's projectile attack. He can also counter the Glutton Train's fire column attack where Zangetsu will release a column of ice for the fame to disappear. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeat, players will unlock the "Loco Motive" Trophy/Achievement and an exchange of dialogue between Miriam and Zangetsu will follow.

Hidden Monster:

If you go back to the train, you'll notice a seat with a window on one of the wagons. If you sit and wait long enough KuneKune will appear. This is a normal enemy but deals high damage and can curse you so try to be ready and face him from afar

Parting Ways

After the dialogue cutscene, the two will part ways and you'll regain control of Miriam where you'll find yourself in an unknown train station. Continue pushing through east into another room where you'll find a bookshelf to your right that has a journal for Miriam to learn the Assassinate Skill/Ability, a save room can also be found next to the bookshelf. Save the game and replenish your HP and MP

Once you've saved your progress, return to the previous room and head down where you'll encounter 3x Assassin and 2x Buer through the flight of stairs. While heading down, you'll encounter the two demons in this order, 1x Assassin, 1x Buer, 1x Assassin, 1x Buer, and finally 1x Assassin before reaching the bottom of the room.

From where you encounter the first Buer, be sure to jump on the right-hand side platform and strike the wall to reveal it to be a hidden wall that has 1x HP Max Up. Once you've acquired the upgrade, continue heading to the bottom of the room and pass through the door that will lead you to the next location, the Underground Sorcery Lab.




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      Neither the previous area page or this one explains where is that train station or Brige of Evil.
      It's below Twin Towers. A fast way is teleporting to Garden of Silence and go all the way right

      • Anonymous

        Missing the hidden enemy after Glutton Train is defeated. I think it's entry 44 - don't know the name, I haven't beat it yet. Shows up after sitting in a train seat for ~30 seconds.

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