Den of Behemoths is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Den of Behemoths is a secret area that was protected by Gremory, it also leads to the heart of the castle. The den is a reimagined structure of the Garden of Silence where gigantic demons inhabit the area.



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Den of Behemoths Walkthrough

After freeing Gebel from Gremory's control, Miriam chases after Gremory and Alfred into a den full of gigantic demons and later on follows Zangetsu into the heart of the castle.

Discovering the Truth

Players arrive at the Den of Behemoths through a portal that appeared after cutting the red moon with the Zangetsuto at the Garden of Silence. After you've entered the portal, a cutscene will start after you enter the room and find Alfred. We soon learn that Alfred has lost the Liber Logaeth and that Dominique has been manipulating everyone the entire time, Zangetsu, and Miriam then sets forth to stop Dominique and to obtain the Liber Logaeth - once you've regained control of Miriam, follow Zangetsu within the den. Once you're in the new room, there will be 1x Chariot Buer that will attack you, kill it and head to the middle of the room and drop down into the next area.

Follow Zangetsu

Head all the way down to the bottom part of the room and head east. You'll encounter a 2x Giant Moco on the ground along with a Giant Buer roaming around the area and 4x Giant Toad (may drop a Demon Eye) along the path, kill the demons blocking your path until you reach the end to find 1x MP Max Up. Retrace your steps and head back on top of the rock platform, activate Invert so that you can reach the wooden platform, drop down once, then reactivate Invert.

Next, head east where there's a boulder-like platform along the path. Jump over it and 1x Silver Wolfman will immediately rush towards Miriam for an attack, once you've killed it, continue moving east where you'll encounter 1x Marbas and another Giant Buer, kill the enemies and walk up to the edge of the platform.

Now, once you're near the edge, activate Invert to land on the ceiling. Head west this time until you reach the end where you'll encounter Giant Bats, then at the end of the path, reactivate Invert to drop down a small surface, drop down again where you'll encounter 1x Abyssal Guardian, kill it to obtain a Dragon Heart.

Continue heading east until you reach the end leading to the next room, but before heading inside, walk up to the wooden platform, activate Invert, proceed east until you reach the end, and reactivate Invert to drop onto the surface - you'll find 1x HP Max Up next to the wall. Now, use Invert again and head west until you reach the end of the path. Reactivate Invert where you'll land on a platform that has a giant chest, open it to acquire 2x Waystone.

After collecting the items at the upper part of the area, head back to the wooden platform, drop down and head west to find a giant red chest containing 1000G. Open it and return back to the platform and enter the next room.

For this room, there will be multiple Giant Bats. a Giant Toad and a Giant Moco. Before heading down, go east until you reach the end to find a giant chest with 1x Crystal. Collect the item and continue down the path and into the next area.

Similar to the previous room, head to the bottom level where a Giant Morte and a Giant Rat (may drop Cheese) will appear once you fall to the bottom. While you continue following the path, Giant Bats (may drop a Demon Fang) will fly in to attack you and a Giant Cannon will be waiting at the end. Kill the demons, and go west to find another giant chest with 2x Waystone. Continue heading to the lower part of the room until you reach the entrance of the next area.

Save Room

You can now find a save room in this area, but there will be enemies blocking your path. Giant Bats, a Giant Cannon, and a Giant Toad will attack you once you're within its range. Clear the path and head to the lower area and then east to find the save room. Rest, recover your HP/MP, and save the game. Now, head west where 2x Giant Cannon are stacked upon each other, kill it to clear the path and enter the next room.

Boss Battle, Valefar

In this room, you'll see a giant figure over a giant stack of poker chips, this is actually an arena for a boss, Valefar. Equip the Aegis Plate first, then just by the entrance from where you came in, activate Invert or jump to the top of the platform leading into Valefar's arena then activate Invert - the battle will begin once you're inside.

Valefar's attacks are mostly executed on the poker table, so fighting him while you are on the ceiling with the spikes gives you the advantage of dealing multiple damages and avoiding his attacks. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeat, players can obtain the Gold Bullet shard as well as unlocking the "All Bets Are Off" Trophy/Achievement.

After killing Valefar, head back to the entrance from where you came from and walk up to the giant pokers, you'll find a hidden entrance that leads to a giant chest with 1000G, open it, behind the pillar there is a hidden chest containing the Valkyrie tiara. and head back to the poker table and head to the next room.

As soon as you enter the room, take a few steps and activate Invert. You'll be able to find 1x HP Max Up at the upper part of this room, collect the upgrade and head back down where you'll encounter 2x Giant Morte, an Abyssal Guardian, 2x Giant Toad, a Silver Wolfman, and a Marbas - kill the demons blocking your path until you reach a gap for you to drop down to the bottom area.

Once you're at the bottom, fight your way through more demons such as a Giant Bat, a Silver Wolfman, a Marabas and a Giant Toad until you reach the end where you'll find a well. Jump onto the wooden platform of the well and drop down into the underground cave.

When you're inside the cave, you'll encounter more Giant Bats and Giant Toads. You can kill them and acquire the random material that they may drop or simply head down and open the glowing red door at the east-hand side of the cave that will lead you to the final location and the heart of the castle, the Glacial Tomb.




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