Location Arvantville

Dominique is an NPC in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. Dominique is an acquaintance of Johannes, and an ally of Miriam, she is a posh exorcist that has been sent by the church. 


Dominique Information

Dominique is an exorcist that has been sent by the church to stop the demons and Gebel's plans - it is later shown that she asks her old friend Johannes to ask Miriam's aid, and later becomes her ally as the game's shopkeeper. Although she exerts an intimidating aura, she treats everyone kindly and looks to both Miriam and Gebel not as demons, but as human beings.

Dominique's Shop

Dominique is the game's shopkeeper and is located in Arvantville. She provides her service, where players can purchase a variety of both goods and equipment, as well as selling unwanted Items and Shards in exchange for Gold. Note that not all items are available for purchase initially; many have to be crafted via alchemy before they can be bought with Gold. Listed below are the following items that can be purchased from her shop.

(Please take note that these may change once the official game is released.):




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Notes & Tips

  • Voiced by: Fryda Wolff/Kaori Mizuhashi
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