Entrance is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Entrance to Gebel's Castle, mysterious yet seems to welcome Miriam



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Entrance (Gebel's Castle) Walkthrough

The entrance to Gebel's Castle, the home of where vicious demons of all sizes and kinds roam around the castle's very own walls. 

An Unwelcomed Guest

You'll find yourself inside an area where it is dark, be vigilant and stop by the 2nd angel statue, another statue will fall from above and the castle lights will start immediately light up. Be aware of your surroundings since you are now inside Gebel's castle where countless demons of all sizes roam around the depths.

In the next area, heading east, Bats will start to attack you in pairs alongside Morte that spawn randomly, killing the bats will have a chance to drop a Bat Fang and Small Webbing. Continue east into the next area where you'll find a Sabnock guarding the area, be sure to keep your distance and use your magic to deal damage, the Sabnock's attack has a long range where it will slash its sword and perform a frontal roll to get close to Miriam. Now jump up to the platforms where 1x Aello is guarding a chest and 1x Bone Morte standing on a chandelier just opposite to where the Aello is - kill both enemies and open the chest containing 1x Iron and 1x Bronze. Continue jumping to get to the top where you'll find 1x Aello, 1x Bone Morte and another bookshelf that contains a journal for Miriam to learn the Thousand Blossoms skill/ability.

After you've checked the bookshelf and killed the enemies, continue east and drop down the hole where you'll land on another platform with a chest containing 1x Leather Chestguard, once that's done, head back down and continue east toward the next area.

As soon as you enter the room, a Gieremund will charge in to attack - kill it and continue forward. From there, as you push through, more enemies will appear simultaneously or all at once. Bats will start to fly out, a Ghost will appear alongside a Morte that will spawn in random directions. After you've cleared the room, you can continue moving east into a new room that has a fountain with overflowing blood.

Once you enter the room, a Bone Morte will be standing near the fountain, kill it and jump up to the platforms to reach another area. After climbing to the top, you'll encounter a Ghost floating above and 1x Capacity Up upgrade, quickly grab the item and jump across the opposite side. There you'll find a Blood Grinder Knight, it will be easy to kill this demon since it will start to walk and stomp its feet first before it actually attacks, use the opportunity to land multiple attacks while it is walking and make sure to jump away from its reach once it charges in for an attack. Just pass the demon, a chest can be found with 1x Ether in it. Continue east until you reach the end where you'll find another bookshelf with another journal for Miriam to learn the Trucidating Gyre (Skill/Ability), drop down through the hole in the floor where you'll now find yourself on the top east side of the room with the fountain of blood. Make sure when you drop down, you land on the platform so that you can jump onto the platform with the red colored chest. Open it to acquire 500G and continue to move forward to the next room.


Here, you'll find an old man kneeling on the floor, writing. A short cutscene will start and an exchange of dialogue will begin where we meet Alfred, an experienced alchemist who stood as Johannes' mentor and father figure to Miriam. We then find out that Alfred is looking for The Liber Logaeth, a book that Gebel has that has scriptures for summoning spirits. Alfred then threatens both Miriam and Johannes to keep out of his way and advises them to leave the castle before disappearing. Johannes heads back to Arvantville to seek advice from Dominique and we now get to regain control of Miriam - continue your exploration and head east towards another room. You can head back to the previous room with the fountain of blood and enter the room near the bookshelf to find a save point.

The Path Leading to the Garden of Silence

In the next area from the room where you met Alfred, you'll encounter more enemies, Bats, Gieremund, and Bone Morte will be roaming around the area. Kill the bats for a chance to acquire the Summon Bat shard and kill the Gieremund for a chance to acquire a Demon Dog's Fang. For now, you'll encounter a locked door, and you'll have to jump up to the 2nd level to continue forward. In the next room, another Sabnock is waiting and guarding your way, kill it for a chance to drop a Lion Mane and for you to continue exploring the area - as you continue heading east, you'll now come across a door with a red aura that leads to a new location, the Garden of Silence.




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Trivia & Notes:

The blue chests in this area contain Bronze, Obsidian, Cotton, Elm, and/or Mithridite.




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