Ex Shovel Armor

Buy For N/A
Sell For 375G
Craftable NO
Status Effects
Defense 14 Strength 0
Cognition 2 Intelligence 0
Mind 0 Luck 0

Ex Shovel Armor is an Armor in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. Ex Shovel Armor isn't a Craftable Item. Armor is used to protect the wearer from taking damage and reducing damage from Enemies and Bosses. Different armor has different defense values and is, therefore more or less effective.



Armor formerly worn by a certain valiant knight.


Where to find Ex Shovel Armor



Ex Shovel Armor Notes

Both this and the enemy it drops from are a clear reference to fan favorite Shovel Knight.

Equipping this armour transforms Miriam into a Shovel Knight, overriding entire appearance, and replacing equipped weapon with a shovel.



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