Familiar Shards in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night are a type of Shard that allows you to summon a Deamon as a familiar to fight alongisde you. There are many Fimiliar Shards and each familiar help you in a different way. There are hidden Easter Eggs that can only be performed with a Familiar.





Type of Shard

MP Cost




Familiar: Silver Knight

 Familiar  N/A  Varies Found environmentally


Familiar: Carabosse

Summon forth Carabosse to help you.

(Note: This familiar uses Faerie healing items on you as needed. It also sometimes points out hidden walls.)

Familiar N/A Varies Carabosse


Familiar: Buer

Summon forth Buer to help you.

Famliar N/A Varies Triwheel Buer


Familiar: Dullahammer Head

Summon forth Dulla Head to help you.

Familiar N/A Varies Dullahammer Head


Familiar: Bloodbringer

Summon forth Bloodbringer to help you.
(Note: This shard also comes with an equippable weapon. See Bloodbringer  article.)

Familiar N/A Varies Bloodbringer


Familiar: Dantalion

Summon forth Dantalion to help you.
 (Note: This familiar will buff Your STR from time to time)

Familiar  N/A  Varies  Dantalion 


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