Forbidden Underground Waterway is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Forbidden Underground Waterway consists of caves with bodies of water in it, underwater creatures lurk deep within it and yet another hidden path waiting to be discovered.



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Forbidden Underground Waterway Walkthrough

After successfully slaying the vampire demon Bloodless, Miriam acquires a new power that allows her to consume blood. Our protagonist returns to the Entrance of Gebel's castle, only to discover a hidden passage that leads to a forbidden waterway.

A Forbidden Place

There are two ways to get to this location, first is through the Garden of Silence (read the revisited walkthrough), and second is through a hidden passage from the Entrance of Gebel's castle. For this walkthrough, we will continue where we left off which is from defeating Bloodless and using Blood Steal to absorb the blood in the fountain of blood in Gebel's castle - this will reveal a secret passageway that leads to the underground waterway. Once you're in the waterway, 2x Axe Outsider and Bats (may drop Small Webbing) will be inside the first room of this location. Kill the demons and proceed to the next area.

The next room will have 1x Archdemon and Bats on the top level you are on, the 2nd level below has another demon, a Water Leaper (may have the chance for Miriam to acquire the Summon Water Leaper shard) and a path leading to a save room to your left alongside a bookshelf that has a journal for Miriam to learn the Penetrate skill/ability.

On the bottom level, there will be more Water Leapers alongside Bats. From here, proceed west into another room. You'll find yourself at the top part of this area, drop down the platforms where you'll encounter 1x Archdemon and Seekers that you'll notice are halfway burrowed into the ground (Seekers may drop its shard for Miriam to acquire Detective's Eye). Drop down one level and go west into another room.

Acquire the Aqua Stream Shard

For this part of the room, again there will be BatsWater Leapers, and 1x Seeker. Kill the demons blocking your path and head to the end where you'll find a chest containing 1x Mahogany. Once you're done, head back to the previous room, drop down into the bottom level and head east. You'll find yourself in a narrow spaced room that has 1x Seeker, 1x Archdemon, and 1x Axe Outsider blocking your path. Kill the demons and move onto the next area.

Once you're inside, Bats will appear and try to attack you. From here, you can continue heading east or by dropping down into the water. For now, drop down into the water and just go east until you reach the end. You'll encounter 1x DeeseamaBats, and 1x Glashtyn. In the end, you'll find a fast travel room for you to use and unlock. After doing so, retrace your course and head back up to where you dropped and head onto the next room (Miriam may acquire the Aqua Stream shard from the Deeseama). Assuming you've acquired the shard from the Deeseama, you can now use it as a way to dive and swim underwater. Be sure you acquire the Aqua Stream shard since you need it to reach the next location.

From where the Deeseama was, near the fast travel room, dive underwater until you reach the bottom. Head to the west-hand side towards the wall and aim the stream towards the wall to reveal it to be a breakable wall. Once it's destroyed, head inside the secret room where 1x Glashtyn will be guarding a chest and 1x HP Max Up.  (Miriam may acquire the Amphibian Speed shard from the Glashtyn) After acquiring the items in the hidden room, head back outside and swim back up to the surface.

Further into the Caves

Retrace your course back to where you first dropped into the water and head east to find a Seeker guarding a chest containing 500G. Kill it and open the chest. Once you're done, retrace your steps and head back to the room that has a save room connected to it. And from there, opposite to the save room is the next area you will need to go to.

Inside the room, you will find yourself in an area where there are platforms moving in a circular pattern, just be careful of the enemy Buers and Maledictions roaming around. You can ride on the platforms until it reaches the end before it turns back or simply run down the path until the end.

From here, you can drop down the gap where you can find 2x chests to your left. One contains 1x Crystal, while the other has 1x Rose Ring. Collect the items and proceed to the next room by heading east.

For the next area, you'll be inside a room that has green glowing rocks protruding from the walls and ceilings, there will be 1x Archdemon alongside Bats and Water Leapers that will attack you. At the bottom level, there will be 1x Shovel Armor. If you head west from the bottom level, you can find a chest containing  1x Fried Fish that is being guarded by another Shovel Armor - collect the item and head back outside, this time jump back to the top and proceed east towards another room.

You should find yourself inside a short corridor before heading into another room with demons. Once you're through, drop down to the platform where you can find a chest containing 1x Fried Fish that is being guarded by a Water Leaper and a Poison Toad - after collecting the item, head back up and continue moving east into another area.

You'll now discover a room that has the following: 1x Archdemon alongside Bats, a save room that you can use located at the bottom left corner and two paths near the top east-hand side of the area. It is recommended that at this point to save your game and replenish your HP and MP.

After saving your game, head back outside and head back to the top. Now, jump onto the platforms and across towards the platform that leads to another path. The nearest wall to it is a breakable wall that you can destroy, strike it with your weapon to acquire 1x Capacity Up. From here, drop down one level and proceed east onto the next room.


In this room, you'll find a broken bridge and water underneath it. Drop down into the water and dive in using the Aqua Stream shard, there will be a Deeseama and Glashtyn underwater, so be careful. Proceed to the bottom right and into the next room, followed by heading down to the next area.

For this area, you'll encounter 2x Forneus swimming along your path. Continue going west and dive to the bottom left side until you reach the next path. Now, you'll encounter obstacles in this part of the cave and 1x Glashtyn, kill the demon, avoid the obstacles and continue swimming towards the next room.

This time, more obstacles will be around your path, so be sure to take your time moving around to avoid getting hit by it. Now, first, make your way to the bottom right of the room just above a path leading to another area to find 1x MP Max Up. Once you've acquired the upgrade, head to the path that's just above the upgrade item to go to the next area.

In this room, there will be 1x Glashtyn and 1x Forneus. Your next path will require you to swim to the bottom where you'll reach the surface and a door that will lead you to the next location, the Hidden Desert.




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