Location Hall of Termination
Weakness ??
Reward Just a Flicker Trophy/Achievement

Gebel is a Boss in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress or unlock special abilities.


Gebel Location



Gebel Rewards

  • Trophy/Achievement
    • Just a Flicker
  • Choosing to confront him early on will result in acquiring the Bad Ending



Gebel Strategies

Video Strategies

Gebel Boss Guide


Strategy Writeup

Gebel will start the fight using an Ice Shard ability to summon icicles as projectiles. Jump over them and be ready to dodge his dark fireball attack. The dark fireball attack will expand into a larger circle so avoid being close to it. Gebel may dash and attack you with a sword. At times he will charge electricity in his hand and pounce towards you. If you get caught by this he will shock you 3 times. His fire attack will shoot numerous fire balls in a linear path, crouch under them to avoid. When you see Gebel charging electricity that expands outwards quickly go to a wall away from to avoid the lightning storm he conjures.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Fireball Crouch
Icicles  Jump/Double Jump
Dark Fireball Move away from its end point
Electric Grab Jump
Lightning Storm Gain distance from Gebel
Sword Swipe Backstep



Gebel Lore

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Gebel Notes & Trivia

Voiced by: Ray Chase/Shusaku Shirakawa



Gebel Image Gallery

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