Glacial Tomb is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Glacial Tomb is the last location and the heart of the castle, structures made out of ice surround the area where the king of all demon sleeps within its tomb.



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  • 2000G

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Glacial Tomb Walkthrough

As Miriam chases Gremory and Alfred into the Den of Behemoths, Miriam finds herself inside the heart of the castle, the Glacial Tomb and prepares for the final battle that determines the fate of humanity.  

Fast Travel Room

You'll arrive at the Glacial Tomb from making it through the Den of Behemoths. Head east from the entrance until you reach the room that only has a path going down. Once you're in that room, go to the bottom part. You'll encounter a chest containing 500G, Ice Elemental enemies, and at the very bottom, a bookshelf that has a journal for Miriam to learn Crescent Stroke and a fast travel room - it is recommended that you return to Arvantville first to save your game and stock up before you continue exploring the area.

Within the Glacial Tomb

As soon as you're ready, you can continue exploring the tomb. From the fast travel room, head down to an area where you can acquire 1x Crystal Armor inside a chest and 1x MP Max Up. Head back to the previous room and enter the door with the glowing red light that will take you further into the glacial tomb.

Now, head to the bottom level of the room where you'll encounter a Demon Lord and Ice Elemental, kill the demons and continue going down until you find a chest containing 500G. After opening the chest, head back to the top and head west into the next area.

You'll immediately see a G Axe Outsider standing along your path followed by a Gusion Cannon, and another G Axe Outsider, kill it and continue forward until you reach the next room. Continue going west until you end up in a room where a Gusion Cannon is guarding a chest, kill it and open the chest to obtain the Warhorse's Key.

Return to the previous room, drop down one level and enter the next room to your left. You should find yourself in a long corridor where multiple demons are blocking your way. A Demon Lord, a Gusion Cannon that shoots out a Gusion, and a G Axe Outsider will be guarding a chest containing 500G - kill the demons, open the chest, head back to the previous room, go to the bottom area of the room, and enter the next room at the right-hand side.

For the next area, there will be a G Axe Outsider and Demon Lord along with an Ice Elemental that is blocking your path, kill it, go down the lower area and head east until you find a chest containing 500G. Once you've collected the treasure, head west and drop down into the next level.

You'll immediately be attacked by 2x Tracer once you're in the room. Kill the enemies and dash underneath the gap to get across. Once you're able to make it into the next room, continue going east until you find a save room - rest, save your progress, and replenish your HP/MP.

After using the save room, go down to the lower area where you'll find a red glowing door that will lead into a boss battle. But before going inside, continue going down where you can find a chest containing 500G - once you've collected the treasure, head back up and enter the door where Gremory awaits. ALSO, BE SURE YOU HAVE ZANGETSUTO EQUIPPED BEFORE ENTERING.

Boss Battle, Gremory

As soon as you enter the room, a cutscene will start. You'll find Zangetsu confronting Gremory where he conjures a spell that will stop Gremory from shifting away. Aggravated, Gremory attacks and takes Zangetsu into an unknown dimension. Miriam tries to rescue him but is fully consumed by Gremory and wishes her luck in completing the mission. The battle then begins after the exchange of dialogue. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat her. Upon defeating Gremory, players can obtain the Dimension Shift shard as well as unlocking the "Moonscraper" Trophy/Achievement.

After the boss battle, retrace your course back to the fast travel room to stock up on supplies to prepare for the final boss battle.

Dimension Shift

At this point, we'll start the path from the fast travel room of the Glacial Tomb, assuming you went back to Arvantville first to stock up on supplies. From the fast travel room, head into the red glowing door and proceed further west towards the next room until you reach the long hallway that has multiple demons blocking your path.

Fight your way through the demons or test out the new shard, Dimension Shift to avoid them until you reach the next area. Once you've made it through, head all the way down to the lower area of the room and head west where you'll stumble upon an ice wall. From here the path is pretty straightforward that leads to a red glowing door where Dominique awaits and save room just opposite to it - in order for you to reach it, simply use Dimension Shift to warp through the structures. Once you've made it to the end, save the game before confronting Dominique.

Boss Battle, Dominique

Once you enter the door, a cutscene will follow where we find Dominique revealing herself to be a Shardbinder at its peak. The battle will begin after the exchange of dialogue. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeating her, the 2nd phase of the battle will follow where you will be brought into a dimension where Bael the king of kings sleep.

Dethrone the King of Kings!

You'll now face the final boss, the king of kings, Bael alongside Dominique who has fused herself with the demon king. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat it. Upon defeating Bael, players will unlock the "Dethrone" Trophy/Achievement and Miriam returns back from the dimensional drift.

A cutscene will soon follow where Johannes joins Miriam and are able to acquire the Liber Logaeth. Johannes then performs an alchemic rite by inscribing Enochian letters at the heart of the castle, which will result in sending the castle and demons back to where they came from. The scene follows with Miriam and Johannes back in Arvantville, watching as the castle disappears and the sky turning from blood red to clear blue skies  - exhausted and devastated from the journey yet fulfilled with saving humanity, the two then head back home and the screen fades out to the end credits.

This marks the completion of the game and acquisition of the true ending. See Endings page to view the other two endings that can be unlocked.



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