Hall of Termination is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Hall of Termination is an area in Gebel's castle that is heavily inspired by baroque structures and designs.


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  • Gebel (Acquires the Bad Ending)


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Hall of Termination Walkthrough

Upon slaying the Abyssal Guardian in Livre Ex Machina, Miriam pushes further within Gebel's castle and stumbles upon a baroque hall, what lies ahead is still unknown and awaits Miriam.

Through the Hall of Termination

Right after slaying the ferocious Abyssal Guardian, you will now be able to progress through another location and discover the Hall of Termination. Demons once again roam around the area where you can encounter 1x Axe Outsider by the 1st level (may drop a Mithril). Proceed west from the 1st level to head into another room. You'll find yourself on the top level of a new room where 2x Titania are flying around, kill the demons and proceed to the bottom part of the room and into the next area.

Now, once you're inside this dimly lighted room, jump up on to the chandelier and across the platform to find a chest with 1x Ultimate Healing Item recipe. Be cautious since 1x Bloodbringer will attack you, while at the bottom level there is 1x Triwheel Buer. There is another chest at the left-hand side where the Triwheel Buer was, open it to acquire 500G then drop down the metal platform to enter another room.

In this room, look to your left and you'll see a bookshelf and another path leading to a save room, read the book and enter the save room. Once you're done, head back to the previous room and drop down one level where you'll encounter 1x Axe Outsider standing next to a chest, kill it to get to the chest containing 500G - proceed to the bottom level and to your left to go in the next room.

As soon as you step inside, 1x Triwheel Buer will charge in to attack, you can jump on the enemy, and attack it while you're on top of it. Riding the Triwheel Buer will not inflict any damage on Miriam (Miriam may also acquire the Familiar: Buer shard from killing the Triwheel Buer). Along the path 1x Bloodbringer will also appear to attack you - kill the demons or avoid them, then proceed into the next hall with 1x Axe Outsider. You can avoid fighting it by simply jumping over it and proceeding to the next area.

For the next room, you'll immediately encounter 1x Archdemon flying above a chest (killing it may allow Miriam to acquire the Words of Wisdom shard). Kill the demon and open the chest to receive 1x Sponge Cake - proceed to the 2nd level of the room and onto the next room.

Next, you'll encounter 1x Titania that may drop 1x Ribbon upon killing it. Kill the demon, collect the item it drops. Before you proceed to the next area, walk up to the wall to your right and strike it with your weapon to reveal it to be a hidden wall that has 1x Capacity Up.

Once you've entered the room, head to the top where you'll encounter 2x Titania. From your left, you'll see a door that connects to Dian Cecht Catherdal, and to your right is another room that you can explore. For now, head east to continue exploring the location.

Further Exploring the Hall of Termination

In the next room, you'll find a short hallway with demons in it. You'll encounter 1x Triwheel Buer and 1x Bloodbringer, kill the demons and continue east where you'll find two platforms for you to jump on that will lead you to the next area.

As soon as you jump onto the next area, 1x Triwheel Buer will charge in to attack you. As mentioned, you can jump and stand on top of it to avoid any damage while striking it with your weapon, just be cautious since there is 1x Titania along with 1x Axe Outsider within the room. Before you head to the 2nd level, make sure to head west where the Axe Outsider was to find a chest containing 1x Mithril and 1x Wool. Once you've opened the chest, head east and jump onto the platforms and across the chandeliers heading west towards another room.

For the next room, an Archdemon (may drop a Demon Tail) will be waiting. Kill it and head to the bottom to find a chest containing 1x Sponge Cake. Head back to the previous room and retrace your steps, instead of heading east, jump up onto the platforms that will take you to a familiar room.

You'll now find yourself in a familiar room where you previously stumbled upon near the entrance of this location. Pull the lever to unlock the door and head to the 2nd level of the room, you'll encounter 2x Titania that may drop a Faerie Dust upon killing it. On your left side of the room is another path leading to another room, while the right-hand side is another locked door that requires the Millionaire's Key - so for now, head west towards the next room.

As soon as you enter the area, 1x Axe Outsider (may drop 1x Damascus and 1x Berdiche) will be standing in the middle. Next to the enemy is a bookshelf with a journal that you can read and a save room, use the save room to replenish your HP and MP as well as saving your progress then head back and proceed to the 2nd level of the area.

For the 2nd level, you'll encounter 2x Titania. To your left is a fast travel room that you can use and unlock, while the platform next to it will lead you to another room that has a very tall staircase. Ignore that area for now, and instead head to the 3rd level where the Titania and Axe Outsider was and enter the small room to find a chest containing 1x Hair Apparent XI. After collecting the item, retrace your steps and head back to the room that has a door that connects to Dian Cecht Cathedral which brings us to our next walkthrough, revisiting Dian Cecht Cathedral.

An Unfulfilling Promise (Bad Ending)

If you choose to head towards the area that is opposite of the travel room for this location, you'll encounter a tall flight of steps that will lead you to Gebel's throne room and eventually will trigger the boss battle with him. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeat, players will unlock the "Just a Flicker" Trophy/Achievement.

With this, Miriam is able to stop him and fulfils her promise to Gebel, the screen turns white and we find our protagonist back in Arvantville with Johannes. With doubts running inside her head, Miriam senses that she has made the wrong choice of immediately confronting Gebel and questions why the castle and the demons haven't disappeared. Johannes, on the other hand, mentions that there is nothing left that they can do and to leave it to Dominique along with the Church to take control of the situation.

The screen then turns into black and the game concludes with the phrase "Game Over" showing up. Choosing to confront Gebel will result in players acquiring the Bad Ending of the game. (Your save-file is still usable after reaching this ending, loading it will let you resume from your last save onwards)



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