Health Upgrades in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night are special pick-ups that grant Max HP Uphealth-upgrade-ingame-bloodstained-wiki-guide. These items do not go into your inventory, and are instead auto-applied to your Character when you walk over them. See Stats for other character parameters.


Max HP Up Locations

The following are the places where you can find MAX HP UP upgrades in Bloodstained.


Galleon Minerva

From where players started the game, head right, jump on to the 2 nets and continue heading right. Jump up on the broken mast and jump to the left platform. At the end of this path lies a chest and a wall. Attack the wall 3 times to acquire your first Max Hp Up. Video Location




Entrance Hp Up 1




Entrance Hp Up 2



Forbidden Underground Waterway


Forbidden Underground Waterway Hp Up 1

Hidden in a breakable wall (3 hits) opposite of the save room in the Forbidden Underground Waterway.



Forbidden Underground Waterway Hp Up 2




Bridge of Evil


Bridge of Evil Hp Up 1

Hidden in a breakable wall (3 hits) opposite of the save room in the Forbidden Underground Waterway.



Bridge of Evil Hp Up 2

After defeating Bathin, travel to the left-most side of the following room. It will lie next to the wall.



Bridge of Evil 3



Livre Ex Machina


Livre Ex Machina 1

In its own room in Livre Ex Machina (use the Reflector Ray to bounce in from the metal grate).



Livre Ex Machina 2



Dian Cecht Cathedral


Dian Cecht Cathedral 1

Within the giant golden bell, you can reach after using the Reflector Ray in the big Dian Cecht Cathedral room:



Dian Cecht Cathedral 2

On top of the breakable roof of the small hallway to the right of the golden bell (break the roof with an upward attack).



Dian Cecht Cathedral 3

In the second large clock tower room of Dian Cecht Cathedral, above a golden bell.



Dian Cecht Cathedral 4

Hidden in a breakable wall (3 hits) close to the ground of the third Dian Cecht Cathedral clock tower:



Dian Cecht Cathedral 5




Dian Cecht Cathedral 6



Garden of Silence


Garden of Silence 1

Drop down one wooden platform and go left



Garden of Silence 2

Drop down to find a bookshelf with a journal for Miriam to learn the Hatchet Heel skill/ability, the room next to it at your left side is a fast travel room for you to use and unlock. Head back up and jump onto the wooden platforms to find 1x HP Max Up



Garden of Silence 3

On the roof above the Piano (approach by jumping on top of the arches)


Forbidden Underground Waterway


Forbidden Underground Waterway 1

In the same room as an additional shortcut, close to the save room, in the lower left corner



Forbidden Underground Waterway 2



Forbidden Underground Waterway 3



Tower of Twin Dragons


Tower of Twin Dragons 1



Tower of Twin Dragons 2



Underground Sorcery Lab


Underground Sorcery Lab 1

In the next room from Bathin's arena, you'll encounter 1x Bomber Morte, 1x Sidhe (may drop a Stinger) on the first level, 1x Puppy along with 1x Sidhe on the 2nd level. On the first level, head to the end of the room to find 1x HP Max Up.



Underground Sorcery Lab 2



Hidden Desert


Hall of Termination


Hall of Termination 1




Arvantville 1



Max HP Up Notes


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    • Anonymous

      there is an hp up and mp up just outside the castle. Invert on the drawbridge and hold toward the castle. It is off screen and off the map

      • Anonymous

        There is also a Max HP and Max MP if you use HIGH JUMP on the first train car (the the big room one you spawn in) in the Bridge of Evil Train Area.

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