Inferno Cave is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Inferno Cave is yet another location that is situated under Gebel's castle that is filled with lava and flame-type demons.



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NPCs in the area

  • None



Materials & Consumables

  • 1x Silk
  • Grotesque Shell
  • ??x Fistful of Ash
  • ??x Protection Sugar

Equipment & Upgrades

Key Items



Inferno Cave Walkthrough

Miriam continues her quest to hunt a powerful demon that has the ability to manipulate gravity. She soon discovers an underground cave that is surrounded by lava and flame-type demons.

Acquiring the Invert Shard

As soon as you head into the Inferno Cave, drop down to the bottom level where you'll encounter Fire Elemental enemies that spawn - continue down the path and proceed to the next room.

In the next room, you'll find yourself standing at the edge of a cliff. Drop down onto the small metal platforms where you'll encounter more Fire Elemental enemies and 1x Zepar. From there, continue heading east by jumping across the platforms, there will be a Volcano Morte along the path. Once you've crossed the lava, before entering the next room, head to the top to find a chest containing 500G. Acquire the item and head back down and onto the next room.

You'll now find yourself in a room with a long narrow path where you'll encounter 1x Hellhound that will charge in for an attack. Just by the slope, you can drop down the platform where there's a chest to your right, drop down the platform and use Reflector Ray to teleport towards the chest. You can obtain 1x Silk inside it, open the chest and head back to the surface. From here, you'll encounter 1x Dragon blocking your path - kill it, continue moving to the next area and just head east.

For the next area, you'll find yourself in a room with a pool of lava, 1x Volcano Morte will be standing next to one of the platforms (killing it may have a chance for Miriam to acquire the Flamethrower shard). Jump on the platforms and head to the top left, there will be a Fire Elemental and Blood Bug (may drop Grotesque Shell) flying around the 2nd level.

From there, you'll walk into a wall that has a small gap in between. Equip and use Reflector Ray to teleport to the other end leading to the next room.

Continue pushing through and drop down to the bottom where you'll have to fight your way through Blood Bugs, a Volcanic Morte, and Hellhound. Kill the enemies and continue moving east.

Now, you'll be inside the next room where you'll see a blue and yellow chest, opening the chest will reveal itself to be a Deathtrap and will attack you. Walk past the chest and continue east towards a save room - save your game and replenish your HP and MP. Once you're done, head to the lower area of the room and head west to find a fast travel room for you to use and unlock. After that, head back to the room and enter the red glowing door to your right where a boss awaits.

Boss Battle, Orobas

As soon as you enter the room, a boss battle with Orobas will begin. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss. Orobas will be walking on the ceiling for most of the time and will try to attack you by leaping, shooting projectiles, and releasing energy beams. Upon defeat, players can obtain the Invert shard as well as unlocking the "Rodeo Star" Trophy/Achievement. By absorbing the Invert shard, this will allow Miriam to reverse gravity, walk on ceilings, and discover other areas. After defeating the boss, you can head back into the fast travel room and return to Arvantville to stock up on supplies.

Acquiring the Aegis Plate

We'll now have to head back to the Tower of Twin Dragons. From the fast travel room, continue heading east until you reach the corridor with an elevator. Ride it and head all the way down to the lower level and head east.

You'll be near the arena where you fought Valac. Now, take a few steps forward and use Invert where you'll land onto a surface where you'll see spikes on ceiling and a chest right on top of it. Walk a little close to the spikes, just enough space for you to reuse Invert to land on the platform where the chest is. Open the chest and obtain the Aegis Plate - equipping the armor will allow Miriam to walk onto spiked surfaces without taking damage. Once that is done, you can jump down, ride the elevator back up and return to the fast travel room.

Through the Spiked Path

At this point, you'll be heading into another location which requires the usage of a couple of Shards. First, you should (by now) have the Craftwork shard that was gained from defeating Craftwork (Boss) and the Reflector Ray shard from Bathin. Second, is the Invert shard that was acquired from defeating Orobas. And finally, the Aegis Plate - once you've acquired the armor, fast travel to the Entrance of Gebel's castle.

From the fast travel room of the Entrance, head up to the 2nd level and head west until you reach the door that connects Dian Cecht Cathedral. If you continue moving west, you should end up in a save room.

From the save room of Dian Cecht Cathedral, head to the very top part of the room and head west where you'll encounter another door that will lead you back to another area of the Entrance of Gebel's castle.

Now, continue west until you find a gap for you to jump onto the 2nd level. You'll walk past by an iron maiden that is blocking your way, equip the Craftwork shard and use it move the object. Next, make sure to equip the Aegis Plate armor, jump onto the spiked path, walk to the other end and jump up to the next level. From here, it may look like you've walked up to a dead end, but you'll have to use Invert. Activate Invert and follow the path where you'll have to walk on the spiked path that is blocked by an iron maiden. This time, equip the Reflector Ray shard and aim it on top of the object through the small gap, teleport and continue pushing forward.

Drop down the small platform and then to the next surface where you should notice a red glowing door, walk on top of it and reactivate Invert so that you can enter the next location, the Oriental Sorcery Lab.




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      You can get Valkyrie Dress if you invert jump into the "hole" on that tower stairway, after getting the Aegis

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