Millionaire's Key


Unlocks a special room, inside which a demon awaits your challenge.

Millionaire's Key is a Key Item in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. It is used to [usage goes here]. Key Items are specifically found in specific areas of a Location or are given by the NPCs.



 Millionaire's Key Use



How to Find Millionaire's Key

  • Den of Behemoths: To acquire the key to the Millionaire's Room, you'll have to discover the Den of Behemoths. The key is inside a chest in this location. Just from the first section of the area, head towards the path where you'll drop down to the bottom area. You'll be able to land on a platform where you'll find a big rock that you can jump onto to your right. From here, proceed east where you'll encounter a Silver Wolfman and Marbas, kill the enemies and just where the Marbas was, activate Invert to land on the ceiling.

    Head east until you'll drop down to another ceiling then proceed west where you'll find a huge green chest. Reactivate invert and open the chest to obtain the Millionaire's Key



Millionaire's Key Notes & Tips

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