Location Livre Ex Machina
Weakness Light
Reward Standstill

O.D. aka Orlok Dracule is a Boss in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and must be defeated to progress or unlock special abilities.

For the NPC O.D. see Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule (O.D.).


O.D. Location

  • Location: Fought in the Glacial Tomb in a boss room adjacent to the area's sole warp gate. Found before and after in the Livre Ex Machina area.
  • This boss is optional in terms of the story but is needed if players want to complete the Overlord, Demonologist, and Shardmaster Trophies.



O.D. Rewards

  • Rewards: Standstill ability & ability to take out all 21 books. 


O.D. Strategies

Video Strategies



Strategy Writeup

 To unlock this fight, players must have at least 99% of their map completed. Once this is done, O.D. will have a new tome in his library. Take out the Tome of Conquest and head over to Glacial Tomb. To tackle this boss properly, players should invert the boss area as soon as the fight starts. Players should attempt to crouch in a corner while using magic to injure O.D. Riga Dohin is effective for this strategy as it can be cast up to 4 times, landing a direct shot deals good damage and it can damage him over time. Having the Accelerator movement shard will help players move quickly as his flame towers can still reach you. Always attempt to be close to the boss but in or close to a corner. Staying in a corner helps negate his most powerful ability, Standstill. While using Standstill O.D. will summon numerous ice shards that will cover and travel throughout the screen. Being in a corner will help minimize your chances of being struck. Equip the Silver Knight familiar to help with your defenses. When O.D. starts transforming into a bat and/or a dog-like demon you have weakened him significantly. Be careful with his new transformations as they improve his movement capabilities significantly. Be further aware of his melee swing; though with this strategy it is unlikely to become a threat, if ever he gets close enough you must be ready to jump out of the way.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
O.D. Will freeze time, immobilizing Miriam. Then he will cast throwing spikes at three locations. When time is restored they will fly forward and hurt Miriam. Try to stay in the corners of the room where they deal less damage. You can still use items to heal when time is frozen.
O.D. Gill grab Miriam by the neck, immobilizing her and doing high damage. Try not to stay in front of him for too long.
Phase 2
O.D. Will transform into mist and then into a Bat or Wolf attacking Miriam and becoming invulnerable. Dodge and try to predict where he will land, using this time to attack him when safe.
O.D. Will cast columns of fire in front of him at Miriam's direction. When the flames are near you, jump over them before they strike.



O.D. Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

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O.D. Notes & Trivia

O.D.'s design is based on Alucard Fahrenheit Tepes, the main character of Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, another game by Koji Igarashi.

His full name, Orlok Dracule is based on two vampires. Count Olrok from the 1922 film Nosferatu and Dracule from Dracula. The last name may have been purposely spelled differently.

On top of which, reading O.D. backwards reads D.O., which looks and sounds similar to DIO, the vampiric antagonist throughout much of the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure franchise. O.D can stop time and place sharp objects while time is frozen, which move when time resumes, a power DIO also possesses.



O.D. Image Gallery

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