Oriental Sorcery Lab is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Oriental Sorcery Lab is a hidden laboratory situated within Gebel's castle.



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Oriental Sorcery Lab Walkthrough

Miriam stumbles yet another laboratory situated within Gebel's castle. She continues her quest where she encounters an ally who tests her strength and abilities.

The Oriental Lab

Players arrive at the Oriental Sorcery Lab from the Entrance of Gebel's castle. Drop down from the entrance where you'll see a red chest with a demon Guison, kill the enemy and obtain 2000G from the chest. Proceed east where you'll pass by a bridge that is blocked by a Guison, Gaap, and Haagenti, clear the demons blocking your path and head to the upper right corner of the area and into the next room.

Arch Puzzle

From here, go up one level and head west where you'll find yourself in a room that has a red arch. These arches serve as a mechanism that will transport you to another area - take note that walking into an arch from each side will transport you in random areas, so be sure to follow the steps that will be listed to get to the destination you need.

Go through the 1st arch that will transport you to the other end, then enter the 2nd arch where you'll be transported to an upper area. Now jump on top of the 2nd arch where you'll see another arch to your right. If you enter that 3rd arch from the left side, you'll come out from the 2nd arch, so be sure to jump over it and pass through it from its right-hand side.

If you enter the 3rd arch from the right-hand side you should be transported into a higher level. From here, you'll see an arch that is lying on the ground to your left, and another arch to you right that is upside down on the ceiling. Head east and jump over the arch you just came out from, you should encounter 2x Gaap flying around the room. Kill the enemies and walk near the arch that is lying on the ground at the farther right and activate Invert.

You'll drop down on the ceiling where you'll see another arch lying on the surface, jump on the arch where you'll be transported just below it. Now, reactive Invert and jump up towards the next room. You should find yourself inside a room of what seems to be a temple. 

Exploring the Oriental Lab

Now, there will be a Haagenti roaming around, kill it to clear the path and to possibly acquire the Petra Breath shard. Continue moving west through the corridor where you'll encounter Ninjas, a Gaap, and Gusion. If you continue moving west, you will find a fast travel room for you to use and unlock.

After finding the fast travel room for this location, head back outside and jump up onto the 2nd level. You'll find a chest to your left that has 2000G, open the chest head to the 3rd level of the room. Once you're on the 3rd level, head east towards the giant cat-like enemy Kamikaze (chance for Miriam to acquire the Tornado Slicer shard), kill it and continue towards the next area.

Next, head to the upper area where you'll encounter a Ninja and Gaap. Proceed to the 2nd platform and onto the next room to your right. You'll find yourself in a long hallway where there are multiple Ninjas and a Kamikaze, fight your way through the enemies until you reach the end that leads to the next room.

For the next room, you'll be attacked by Gusions. You'll need to go to the upper area where you'll find a chest containing 1x Soy Sauce to your right. Open the chest first and proceed west into the next area.

Now you'll be in the upper area of the previous room you just passed through that was a hallway and had Ninjas and a Kamikaze. Continue down the path heading west where you'll encounter more Ninjas and eventually the next room.

Save Room

Once you're in the room, head up one level to find a chest containing 1x Soy Sauce. Obtain the item and head up one level where you can find a bookshelf to your right that has a journal entry for you to read and next to it is a save room. Enter the room, save your progress, and replenish your HP / MP. Once you're done, head back to the room and proceed west towards the door with glowing red lights where a boss awaits in the next room.

Acquiring the Zangetsuto

After entering the room, a cutscene will start where you'll encounter Zangetsu. This will be the 2nd boss battle with him where he challenges Miriam to test her, after the cutscene, the battle will begin. Upon defeating Zangetsu , players will unlock the "His Blade" Trophy/Achievement. Now, walk up to Zangetsu to obtain his weapon, the Zangetsuto. With the weapon that can be used to cut down the demon Gremory, we'll now head to Gebel's throne room.

Return to the Hall of Termination

Now, after the battle with Zangetsu and obtaining the Zangetsuto, head back to the Hall of Termination and make your way towards Gebel's throne room. Make sure that you have the Zangetsuto equipped before confronting Gebel. Just from the fast travel room of the Hall of Termination, go east where you'll find a room that has a tall staircase, just pass it is Gebel's throne room.

Boss Battle, Gebel

At this point, your actions will determine how the game will end. As soon as you enter the room, a cutscene will start and the battle with Gebel will begin. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss.

  • Option 1 (Bad ending): Kill Gebel - once the battle starts, players can acquire the 2nd bad ending of the game. By obtaining this, proceed with the battle and kill him - doing this will allow players to unlock the "Usurper" Trophy/Achievement.
  • Option 2 (Good Ending): Stop Gremory - once the battle starts, players can choose the path to unlocking the true ending. Once the battle starts you have to fight Gebel until the moon glows red, then strike the red moon with the Zangetsu, this will cause Gremory to reveal itself.

A cutscene will soon follow where Alfred appears, obtains the Liber Logaeth, and flees the area while Gremory chases Alfred. Miriam, on, the other hand is able to release Gebel from Gremory's control but he is later consumed by the corruption of the shards and dies.

The Blood Moon

Our next goal is to track down Gremory, and by doing that we'll have to find the moon similar to the one in Gebel's throne room and strike it with the Zangetsuto. Make your way back to the fast travel room in the Hall of Termination and teleport to the Garden of Silence.

From the fast travel room, head outside and go up to where the Coachman is, interact with him so that he can bring you to the end of the garden. From here jump up onto the platforms and go west until you reach another platform that will take you to another room - head up and into the next area.

Now, continue heading west from the room where you'll find yourself at the outer corridor of the garden. Move a few steps until you reach an opening that allows you to look at the moon - with the Zangetsuto equipped, jump into the air and strike it with the said weapon.

This will cause Gremory to reappear alongside a portal that shows up. From there, follow Gremory and enter the portal where you'll discover the Den of Behemoths.




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      I wish you mentioned that you need to weaken Gebel first before attacking the moon, which should be red at that point.

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        For the next one wondering about the retard guy standing below the rocks; you need the shard dimensional shift, given by the boss before the last one.

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          there is a green chest below a wooden bridge in the lowest area of the oriental garden, and a monk meditating below a grass floor in the same area...I've tryied to break the bridge and the floor, but nothing happens! What is the secret in this area?

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