Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule (O.D.)


Location Livre Ex Machina

Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule (O.D.) is an NPC in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule (O.D.) is a non-hostile Vampire that presides over the Livre Ex Machina Library.

For the O.D. boss see O.D.


Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule (O.D.) Information

Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule (O.D.) is a non-hostile Vampire who presides over the Livre Ex Machina Library. He cares about nothing but books, and as a consequence treats demons and humans with equal disinterest. He is presumed to be 400 years old.

  • Location: Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule (O.D.) Can be found at Livre Ex Machina Library
  • Progression: After talking with him, you are made a member of the Library, allowing you to borrow 1 book at a time. You can increase the maximum book count to 2 after he gives you the train pass in the main storyline. Later in the game, he will allow you to borrow an additional one for a maximum of 3. While in the inventory, these books provide a boost associated with their nature. You can come back whenever you want to change your current book for another one.
  • Rewards: See the table below for a complete list of the books in the library.



Library Books

Name Description Stat(s) Affected Stat Increase Room Percent

Might Tome

Increases Strength STR 10 0

Sage's Tome

Increases Intelligence  INT 10

Sentinel Tome

Increases Constitution (Max HP) CON 10
Believer's Tome Increases Mind (Magic Defense) MND 10 -
Fortune Tome Increases Luck LCK 5 -
Coldstave Tome Increases Ice resistance Resist Ice 15 -
Heatstave Tome Increases Fire resistance Resist Fire 15 -
Shockwave Tome Increases Thunder resistance Resist Thunder 15 -
Empyreal Tome Increases Dark resistance Resist Dark 15 -
Obscurity Tome Increases Light resistance Resist Light 15 -
Corporeity Tome Increases Stone resistance Resist Stone 15  -
Inmunity Tome Increases Poison resistance Resist Poison  15  -
Blessed Tome Increases Curse resistance Resist Curse  15  -
Prowess Tome Increases Attack Speed Attack Speed  20%  -
Ancillary Tome Increases the Power of the Familiars Familiar Power  20%  -
Deadeye Tome Makes directional Shards Stronger Directional Shard Strength  20%  -
Tailwind Tome A book that fortifies the legs. Increases movement speed Movement Speed  20%  50
Tactician's Tome A book of power by a great tactician. Increases EXP intake. EXP Rate  20%  60
Mastery Tome A book by a warrior of great skill. Hastens proficiency growth Proficiency Rate  20%  60
Godsend Tome A marvelous book that brings wondrous fortune. Greatly increases LUCK LCK  15  70
Tome Of Conquest The ultimate tome. Equivalent to the Prowess, Tailwind, and Mastery Tomes.

Attack Speed
Movement Speed
EXP Rate





Associated Quests

  • In the main story line, in order to board the train that is located on the Bridge of Evil, you'll need a special pass. Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule (O.D) can make you the pass but he request a photo of you. You can acquire the photo by giving  Silver Bromide to Dominique. Once you give him the photo, he will give you the pass and allow you to borrow 2 books from his library at once.
  • Players can fight O.D. as a seret boss. If you have 99.00 % (or more) of the game complete the book "Tome Of Conquest" will be available to borrow. If you borrow the book and travel to the room to the left of the teleport area in the Glacial Tomb the secret boss fight will begin. If you defeat him. You will be rewarded with "Standstill" and you'll be able to borrow all the books at once



  • Example Dialogue Lines
  • Quest Progression optional dialogue


Notes & Tips

  • Using Invert to fall up into O.D. from the room below him will give you a chest containing Nose Glasses.
  • Voiced by: Robert Belgrade/Ryôtarô Okiayu
  • Both of O.D.'s English and Japanese voice actors have previously voiced Alucard in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night.



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    • Anonymous

      Aren't there ANY images from his books? It's like, this place has images for all the game's items, why only the books are missing?

      • Anonymous

        PSA: after running some tests myself I can confirm how to up the book limit. Given all the rumors I've read... It it NOT boss kills. It is NOT story progress. It is NOT the train pass. It is NOT a half dozen other things I've read It IS just talk once then use the warp room to leave and return 2-3 times (You don't even have to walk out the warp room, just make the game load the library 3 times) Then talk to OD again, then repeat 3 more warps for book 3 (Additionally, as for how to make OD have new types of books available I am unsure so far I "think" it is tied to map%

        • Anonymous

          also, the info on here is incomplete/wrong. i don't care enough to register an account, so i'll just say this. it is not bringing the photograph that triggers him to let you borrow 2 books, it is warping around enough times that triggers it. if you do it enough times, you can trigger him to let you borrow 3 books. if you beat his boss form and go back to the library, you will then be allowed to borrow ALL the books at once.

          • Anonymous

            his name might be "Orlok Dracule", but i always like to think of him as "Original Dracula" or "Obviously Dracula". . .but then again, he is more obviously Alucard, so I dunno. Orlok is a reference to that "old tyme" B&W Nosferatu movie

            • Anonymous

              You dont need to beat the game in order to spawn his boss fight, just get a map completion of 99% or higher to trigger him to lend you the Tome of Conquest, then go to his boss room. Just fought and beat right now and I havent beaten/reached the final boss yet.

              • Anonymous

                Towards endgame the following tomes also unlock: Tailwind(Movespeed), Tactician(exp), Mastery(Weapon skill growth) and Godsend(15 Luck)

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