Location Inferno Cave
Weakness Strike, Light, Fire
Reward Invert Shard

Orobas is a Boss in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named, and must be defeated to progress or unlock special abilities.


Orobas Location

  • Location: Found in Inferno Cave area, by taking progressing through the Secret Sorcery Lab area. 
  • This boss is not optional.



Orobas Rewards

  • Invert Shard



Orobas Strategies

Video Strategies




Strategy Writeup

Orobas is a slow moving boss so use this to quickly chip away at his health. He usually inverts gravity and hangs from the ceiling as he pelts you with purple orb like projectiles. They come out in pairs and are relatively slow also. Avoid his body slam by staying at mid range. When he uses his back laser just walk with him to the end of the area. This attack is harder to dodge when he is on the same plane as you.

If you have Riga Storæma, it will hit the boss whether on the floor or ceiling, twice.  This can be an effective way to whittle down its HP in rapid order.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Purple Orb Projectiles Can be jumped, slid under, walk/run away from
Body Slam Stay at far range or slide under him
Back Lasers Walk ahead of him until the end of the area.



Orobas Lore

Lore notes, information on folklore, etc go here

Lore theories should be clearly marked as such.


Orobas Notes & Trivia

  • His Back Lasers attack could be a homage to Shin Godzilla



Orobas Image Gallery

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