Secret Sorcery Lab is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Secret Sorcery Lab is a laboratory situated deep within Gebel's castle, sorcery and experimenting of demons were one of the other things that were done in this lab.



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Secret Sorcery Lab Walkthrough

Right after an encounter with Alfred, Miriam finds herself in a laboratory where sorcery is practiced and demons are experimented on. What lies ahead is still unknown for Miriam.

An Unexpected Surprise

A cutscene with an exchange of dialogue will immediately start once you enter the Secret Sorcery Lab. Here, you'll find Dominique talking to Alfred where it looks like the two are working together. Miriam then gets spotted by Alfred eavesdropping and flees, Dominique on the other hand, explains to Miriam what she and Alfred were talking about as well as her past. Miriam then offers to help with any way that she can to obtain the Liber Logaeth and Dominique returns to Arvantville - once you gain control of Miriam, continue your exploration and head into the next room.

The Secret Lab

From here, you'll find yourself in a room that has a mechanism that looks like a guillotine. It can be used as a platform to reach the 2nd level, but first, wait for it to drop all the way down then jump on the wooden platform and wait for it to move back up.

On the 2nd level, continue west where you'll encounter 1x Lamashtu standing on wooden boxes and 1x Dark Elemental floating around, kill it and jump up to the 3rd level and head east towards a room that has a chest containing 1x Silk and 1x Crystal , the room at the west-hand side from the 3rd level is a fast travel room for you to use and unlock - Once you've collected the items, head down to the 2nd level and onto your left to find another chest, then head to the bottom level at head towards the next area.

You'll encounter 1x Dark Elemental roaming around the room, kill it and jump down to the bottom level. Now proceed to your right and use the save room, once that is done head back outside and proceed west that will take you into a boss battle.

Boss Battle, Doppelganger

As soon as you enter the room, a boss battle with Miriam's Doppelganger will begin. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeat, players can obtain Shadow Tracer shard as well as unlocking the "Transcendence" Trophy/Achievement. Once that is done, save your game if you need to then proceed into the next room.

Further into the Lab

For this area, another Dark Elemental and Lamashtu will be roaming around. First, head to the top level and into the room where you'll find walls with spikes on it that are on the ground and ceiling. Use Reflector Ray to teleport over the wall and head to the end of the room where you'll find a chest containing 1x Spiked Breastplate, obtain the item and head back the way same way and onto the previous room - head to the very bottom of the area and continue further into the next room.

From here there will be more obstacles. First, head up to the 3rd level where you'll encounter a Dark Elemental alongside a Lamashtu, use the guillotine as a platform to get to the 3rd level then drop down to the bottom midway where the swinging axes are.

Avoid the obstacles and ride the guillotine to the 2nd level where you'll find a chest containing 1x Mahogany to your left. Next, on the same level, head to the end towards your right and break the wall with your weapon, it's a breakable wall that has 1x Cutpurse's Ring - obtain the item and proceed to the eastern side of the3rd level towards the next room.

Here, you'll encounter 2x Lamasthu and a Macaron (killing the Macaron may have a chance for Miriam to acquire the Toxic Storm shard). Kill the demons blocking your path and proceed into the next area.

Next, there will be 2x Dark Elemental flying around the room. Head down to the 3rd level and enter the room to your left. You'll encounter 1x Macaron (may drop a Demon Pelt) blocking your path, kill it and head all the way to the end of the room where you can find another chest containing 500G. Collect it, head back to the previous room, and head to the bottom level where you'll find a door that will take you to the next location, Inferno Cave.




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