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Resist resist4-icon 5
Status Effects
Defense 1 Strength 0
Cognition 0 Intelligence 1
Mind 0 Luck 0

Sunglasses is an Accessory in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. Sunglasses is/isn't a Craftable Item. Accessories are used to protect the wearer from taking damage and reducing damage from Enemies and Bosses. Different accessories have different defense values and are, therefore more or less effective.



Eyeglasses designed to protect the eyes from strong sunlight.


Where to find Sunglasses

  • Is it crafted (add crafting station and recipe) or found? 
  • What resources are needed for creating this weapon?
  • Tower of Twin Dragons revisited: After encountering the 1x Wolfman and 2x Flying Morte, you can head over the path going inside the Tower, just don't forget to open the chest containing 1x Sunglasses that's right before the entrance of the inside of the Tower.



Sunglasses Notes

  • Any other Note and Trivia goes here



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