Tis Rozaiin

Send a blast of holy power in the designated direction
Shard Type Directional Shards
Dropped By Crafted with alchemy
Tis Raiff x1
Diamond x1
MP Cost -

Tis Rozaiin is a Directional Shard in Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. By equipping different shards, players gain acces to skills that can be used for different purposes like combat, movement, and progression of the game. Each Shard can be obtained by defeating the specific enemy that hold it's power. You can acquire multiple Shards of the same type to amplify their power. They can also be enhanced by using materials at Merchants.


Tis Rozaiin Information

Send a blast of holy power in the designated direction

Enhancing it increases width


How to Get Tis Rozaiin

Crafted with Alchemy


Tis Rozaiin Notes

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Directional Shards
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    • Anonymous

      This being OP is balanced by the fact that you have to hear TIS ROZAIN every second. TIS ROZA-- TIS ROZAIN TIS-TIS RO- TIS ROZAIN!

      • Anonymous

        This thing is so broken if you have good aim - you can pulse fire it for just a fraction of a second and use only a few points of mana, but do the full damage with each hit. Meaning you can basically infinitely keep using it.

        • Tis Rozaiin Use this to grind the Dark Elemental for diamonds in the Secret Sorcery Lab. Just left of the save room. Take one step in the room and blast Tis Rozaiin to the left/upper left. Use the save to refill mana.

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