Underground Sorcery Lab is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Underground Sorcery Lab is a secret lab found under Gebel's Castle, the area reveals it to be a place where demons are or were experimented on alongside practicing sorcery.


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Full Underground Sorcery Lab Walkthrough

After fighting alongside Zangetsu, Miriam finds herself in a secret underground lab that seems to be used for creating demons and for practicing sorcery.

A Secret Lab

We continue our journey in a new location, the Underground Sorcery Lab. Demons will be inside the room as soon as you enter, 1x Bomber Morte (drops Gunpowder), 2x Sidhe on the 2nd level (may drop a Vespine Stinger), and 1x Puppy along with 1x Bomber Morte on the 3rd level.

Continue west just past the two demons and drop down one level to find a chest containing 1x Walnut, 1x Damascus, and 1x Black Pepper, open the chest and continue towards the next room.

An Unexpected Surprise

Once you're in the room, proceed further inside the lab where you'll find Dominique, and an exchange of dialogue will follow. We'll learn that Dominique is looking for Zangetsu and isn't quite thrilled with the fact that he disobeyed her orders to go to the underground sands, but instead went with Miriam aboard the train. Dominique then asks Miriam to tell Zangetsu to report back to her if ever you see him again and advises Miriam be careful of Alfred and his traps and hopes Zangetsu doesn't act recklessly - she then leaves the lab and returns to Arvantville, from here continue heading west and into the next room.

Inside the room, you'll be greeted by more demons. Poison Toads (chance to drop Toad HeartPoison, and Mithridate) will continuously chase Miriam, so be sure to evade their attacks to avoid getting poisoned and kill them quickly. 1x Bomber Morte can also be found on the other end of the crate with a chest containing 1x Walnut, on the first level, you can find a bookshelf that has a journal for Miriam to read and a save room next to it for you to use.

Enter the save room, save your progress and replenish your HP and MP before continuing your exploration. (Just be reminded that the demons will respawn in the previous room once you head back.) Once you're ready, head back to the room and make your way to the 2nd level and at the end of it you'll encounter another red glowing door that indicates another boss battle.

Boss Battle, Bathin

Once you're inside, green beams will start to appear and a boss named Bathin will reveal itself. Bathin walks at a slow pace, but when he starts to charge and conjures green energy beams, it will allow him to perform a fast charging attack that is faster than the speed of light, you can avoid it by observing the patterns of where the beam is placed and find a safe spot or gap. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeating Bathin, Miriam can acquire the Reflector Ray shard, as well as unlocking the "Speed Demon" Trophy/Achievement. If you're low on health, you can head back to the save room and use it, but if you don't, you can continue heading west towards the next room from Bathin's arena.

What Lies Ahead

In the next room from Bathin's arena, you'll encounter 1x Bomber Morte, 1x Sidhe (may drop a Stinger) on the first level, 1x Puppy along with 1x Sidhe on the 2nd level. On the first level, head to the end of the room to find 1x HP Max Up. Obtain the upgrade and head to the 2nd level where you can find a brown chest... This chest may look similar to the chests we've seen, but opening it will cause the chest to spring out its spider-like legs and revealing itself to be a Mimic - just be careful that its attacks will inflict Curse.

On the third level of the room, there will be 1x Bomber Morte. If you proceed to your left, at the very end, you'll find a small hole in the wall where a chest is behind it. With the newly acquired shard from Bathin, you can use Reflector Ray to teleport to it, activate the shard and obtain 1x Silver Power Ring inside the chest. Once that's done, proceed east where you can find a bookshelf that has a journal for Miriam to learn Force Blast and next to it is another path leading to a fast travel room for you to use and unlock.

Return to Arvantville

Once you've unlocked the fast travel room, head back to Arvantville to replenish your supplies and to speak to Dominique. Upon talking to her, she mentions that Zangetsu has delivered a message where he warns Miriam to seek caution if she encounters "a demon woman basking in blood", a female vampire. Through the message it is also mentioned that the location of this vampire's chambers is "where the bells tolls". With the newly acquired Shard, Reflector Ray, we can now proceed deeper into exploring an old location by revisiting Livre Ex Machina.




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