Upgrades in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night are permanent increase of stats in which are found all around the map. Many of said areas would be hidden in breakables or in plain sight so it should be noted in order to find these collectibles much care is towards the enviroment.




HP Max Up locations

  • In Galleon Minerva, after getting to the first deck open area. Hop on the moving platform above. Continue moving left until you reach the chest containing the Country Dress. The wall to the farthest left is breakable and will contain the upgrade.
  • Near the Entrance to the castle, use the lowering castle bridge as a platform and jump to the top and forward. There would be an unseen area where the HP Max up would be.
  • In the Garden of Silence, from the upper left save spot. Go up the platform to the room directly diagonally upper right would be a room with an Axe Outsider. Kill the enemy and break the wall get the upgrade.
  • In the Garden of Silence with the big Open area and platforms. Entering from the left go up the first set of platform until you reach the entrance to the second floor. Don't go up but use the Dull Blade dash attack to the right.The next platform would contain the upgrade.


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