Valkyrie Dress

Buy For N/A
Sell For N/A
Craftable NO
Status Effects
Defense  40 Strength  0
Cognition  0 Intelligence  0
Mind  0 Luck  7

Valkyrie Dress is an Armor in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. Valkyrie Dress is not a Craftable Item. Armor is used to protect the wearer from taking damage and reducing damage from Enemies and Bosses. Different armor has different defense values and is, therefore more or less effective.



A warmaiden's distinct dress.


Where to find Valkyrie Dress

  • Can be found in Towers Of Twin Dragons
  • Above the entrance to the fight with Valac. After the fight is completed, return to the top of the tower with either High Jump or Invert and jump through the missing section of spiral platform above you. The armor will be in a chest on your left.


 Video Guide: /watch?v=DtSx3PjOshs

Valkyrie Dress Notes

Cannot be sold.
Possess the best Luck stat of any armor in the game, and as such is useful for late game farming.
Actually changes the appearance of Miriam to a black, white, and gold color scheme.

 See also: Valkyrie Tiara and Valkyrie Sword


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