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Galleon Minerva is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. Galleon Minerva is a large, multi-decked ship used by the protagonist and that acts as the first level of the game.



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Galleon Minerva Walkthrough

Galleon Minerva is the ship that Miriam and Johannes use to travel. This is a large, multi-decked ship used for cargo, so it serves as a good-sized introductory level to the game.

Gearing Up

Start your journey by opening the chest near Johannes to obtain the Knife and Kung Fu Shoes. Equip either or and defeat the Seama to the left of the chest. Proceed to the right to enter the main area of Galleon Minerva. Defeat the lone Morte and jump onto the 2 nets to get to the next area. Grab the potion in the chest and follow the onscreen tutorial to open the door. Fight the Seama to climb the broken mast and jump to the left to reach a new area. Eliminate the Aello and Seama to obtain the Country Dress in the chest.

Get the Hidden Items

Attack the wall to obtain a hidden Max HP Up item and head back to where you climbed the broken mast. Head right to fight an enemy and collect Rusted Ring then proceed to move downwards. To the left will be a Potion in a chest. Slide under the broken wall to grab the Tunic from the chest while heading on this path will lead players to their first save point. Head back where you grabbed the tunic and head down. This leads to a Hairband and another hidden wall that contains 1000 G and a Max MP Up. Move left to find SP Rounds and a Musketoon.

Using Cannons

Move back 1 screen and climb up the center and take the upper left doorway. Take out the Cannon Morte and use your new ability to light the fuse of the cannon to open a new path. Continue on this path for several screens which will take to you to several Cannon Morte stacked on top each other. Players will find the Galleon Map, 5 SP Rounds, Bronze, Cotton, Halite, Sugar, and a Short Sword in chests in this segment. Head right, dropping down when needed staying on the ground. This will lead players to their second save point.

Save your Game

After saving at the bench, leave the save point and climb up obtaining the Bronze, Halite, & Sugar before leaving to the right. Grab the Tattered Scarf and keep moving right. Take care of the several Enemies blocking your way on your path. This will take you to a segment where you have to jump up to progress. There will be a lone ghost , cannon morte and a chest that has Sugar in it. Proceed heading right until you see a large enemy in the distance spit up several Seama. Head upwards to grab the Claymore in the chest. Just below the chest is another hidden wall that must be attacked to obtain the Safe Ring.

Onward to the Boss

Make your way left of where you got the Claymore to reach a new segment. Defeat the enemies in this segment and use Flame Cannon to light another cannon to make a shortcut to this room. Jump onto the 2 nets to climb to the next section. Move the glowing block to the right to use it as a platform and continue moving upwards. Head to the left to find the Pirate Hat in a chest near a corner. Move to the right taking out the Seama and Dullahamme. The glowing red door takes you to the Boss but first lets finish exploring. Drop down and get the 500 G. To the right will be the final save point. 

The first boss, Vepar will await the player at the end of this level.




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