Multiplayer for Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night is an integral part of the game that will allow players to somehow easily progress the story with the help of their friends. This page will focus on what the multiplayer mechanic has to offer for the game, and this will be updated once more information is known.


Multiplayer in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night currently has not launched with a co-op or multiplayer function. Despite that, in the launch trailer, it is revealed that Co-op will be added into the game post-launch as a free DLC along with much more content. You can check the launch trailer below - Based on the trailer the following co-op features were highlighted are:


Co-op Feature

It is safe to assume that for this mode you can play with your friends locally or online while playing the main story. It is still unclear if players can play only up to two characters or even more since more playable characters were mentioned to be part of the free DLC.

Versus Mode

As the name implies, this mode will most likely allow players to challenge and fight other players in local play or online.

Online Play

Similar to the others, not much has been mentioned for what is featured in this mode. However, based on the icon that was shown in the trailer, players may be able to play a special game mode such as a "Time Attack Mode" where you and your friend need to work together to clear out an area or a boss as fast as you can or before the time runs out. Celeste's Room is believed to be the area chosen for the online lobby.

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    • Anonymous

      06 Sep 2021 18:06  

      It's September 2021 and they still haven't delivered on even local co-op yet despite it being advertised as such on the box.

      • Anonymous

        12 May 2021 13:25  

        Imagine a bunch of losers last year crying over multiplayer and saying it'll take forever when it was released.

        • Anonymous

          20 Sep 2019 22:26  

          Just downloaded this to play with my fiance, she is pissed, we have been having trouble getting any game to work on xbox game pass on pc, and then there is this false advertising wasting our time.

          • Anonymous

            13 Sep 2019 23:56  

            It states on the back of the cover that this game has local and online co-op yet this isn’t true. Why put mistruths on the cover, what purpose does that serve? If someone purchases this game on the basis of the aforementioned erroneous label, they should recieve an immediate refund. Additionally there is no set timeframe or approximate as to when this promised content will be released.

            • Anonymous

              02 Jul 2019 23:23  

              Everyone remain calm. They plan on having a LOT of DLC. And they are hawking over the community for ideas. More than likely, there will be a lot of requests met. But it needs time, be thankful they put out such a masterpiece, and even more thankful they want to add even more to it.

              • Anonymous

                19 Jun 2019 12:37  

                Disappointing that the Xbox One physical copy states 2 player local, AND 2 player Online, yet includes neither............

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