Endings in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night refers to the conclusions to the game that depends on the player's actions / choices throughout the game. These endings unlock different achievements and outcomes of the game's story. We will be listing the three endings and how it can be unlocked below.

Endings in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The endings in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night consists of three endings. Two bad ones and the true ending, and just like Symphony of the Night, if you want to acquire the True Ending, you will need to explore further into the game to uncover secrets, obtain certain requirements, and doing a lot of legwork. Just be warned, spoilers ahead.

Bad Ending #1: Just a Flicker

Bad ending #1, Just a Flicker. For this ending, you have to obtain the Reflector Ray shard from defeating Bathin at the Underground Sorcery Lab. With the shard, you can further explore the upper portion of Livre Ex Machina that will enable Miriam to discover the Hall of Termination. Now, from there, you can find Gebel's throne room and fight him. If you choose to fight and kill him, players can obtain this ending along with the "Just a Flicker" Trophy/Achievement.

Quick Overview:

  1. Fight Bathin at the Underground Sorcery Lab
  2. Acquire the Reflector Ray shard
  3. Use the shard to enter the upper portion of Livre Ex Machina
  4. Travel to the Hall of Termination
  5. Defeat Gebel

This will end with Miriam and Johannes back in Arvantville where Miriam feels that something isn't right since the castle still remains along with the demons. Johannes, on the other hand, says to leave the situation in the hands of Dominique and the church - the game ends with the phrase "Game Over" appearing on the screen.


Bad Ending #2: Usurper

Bad Ending #2: Ursuper. assuming you've chosen to further explore the next area from the Hall of Termination. For this ending, you'll be doing a lot of legwork. First, at this point of the game, you should have acquired the Craftwork shard from defeating Craftwork (Boss) at the Dian Cecht Cathedral. Second, acquire the Deep Sinker shard near the boss arena of Alfred (Boss) where it was blocked earlier by his magic at the Hidden Desert. Third, travel back to the Forbidden Underground Waterway and use the Deep Sinker shard that will allow you to walk underwater where it has a path that will take you to the Secret Sorcery Lab.

Next, head to the Inferno Cave where you will need to defeat Orobas and obtain the Invert shard which can only be accessed through the Secret Sorcery Lab. Next, head back to the Tower of Twin Dragons and ride the elevator going to the bottom level and use Invert to fall to the top. You will find the Aegis Plate which you will need for the next obstacle.

Proceed to the Entrance of Gebel's castle where you'll need to head to the upper portion of the map where you'll find an iron maiden blocking your path and a spiked narrow path, with the Craftwork shard, you can move the iron maiden and with the Aegis Plate equipped, you can walk on the spiked surface without taking any damage - this path will lead you to the Oriental Sorcery Lab. Once you've further explored the new area, you'll encounter Zangetsu for the 2nd time. Defeat him and he will provide you his weapon, the Zangetsuto.

After acquiring the weapon, head back to the Hall of Termination and make your way to Gebel's throne room. Start the boss battle and kill him to obtain the 2nd bad ending along with the "Unsurper" Trophy/Achievement.

Quick Overview:

  1. Acquire the Craftwork shard from the Craftwork (Boss)
  2. Acquire the Deep Sinker shard at the Hidden Desert after defeating Alfred (Boss)
  3. Head back to the Forbidden Underground Waterway and use the Deep Sinker shard
  4. Discover the path leading to the Secret Sorcery Lab
  5. Acquire the Invert shard from Orobas at the Inferno Cave
  6. Return to the Tower of Twin Dragons and acquire the Aegis Plate
  7. Return to the Entrance of Gebel's castle where you can find a path that will take you to the Oriental Sorcery Lab with the use of all the items obtained earlier
  8. Defeat Zangetsu (Boss) for the 2nd time and acquire his weapon, the Zangetsuto
  9. Head to Gebel's throne room at the Hall of Termination
  10. Kill Gebel

This will end with Miriam killing Gebel. Although Miriam is able to keep her promise to Gebel, she questions if it was the right thing to do. The screen then turns black then an eerie voice starts to laugh indicating that her plan has come to fruition - the game ends with the phrase "Game Over" appearing on the screen.


True Ending: Dethroned

For this ending, you'll have to follow the same steps as mentioned in the Bad Ending #2. The only difference is once you've acquired the Zangetsuto and have made it back to Gebel's throne room at the Hall of Termination. Proceed with the battle shift your focus to the moon and strike it with the Zangetsuto to free Gebel from Gremory's control. Right after the cutscene, head back to the Garden of Silence and to the room that has a corridor showing the red moon from behind, strike it again with your weapon to open a portal that will take you to the Den of Behemoths.

Eventually, the path within the Den of Behemoths will lead you to the heart of the castle, the Glacial Tomb. From there you will face three bosses, Gremory, Dominique, and Bael. You'll first face Gremory where you can acquire the Dimension Shift shard that will allow you to further explore the depths of the Glacial Tomb. You'll most likely arrive at the last area of the location where you'll face Dominique (Boss) and Bael. Defeat the two to acquire the true ending along with the "Dethroned" Trophy/Achievement.

Quick Overview:

  1. Follow the steps 1-9 as mentioned in the Bad Ending #2 Quick Overview
  2. Start the battle with Gebel
  3. Strike the moon with the Zangetsuto
  4. Head back to the Garden of Silence and cut the moon with your weapon
  5. Enter the portal that will take you to the Den of Behemoths
  6. Continue exploring the area until reaching the Glacial Tomb
  7. Defeat Gremory and acquire the Dimension Shift shard
  8. Use the shard to discover another area within the Glacial Tomb
  9. Defeat Dominique (Boss) and Bael

This will end with Miriam and Johannes in the Glacial Tomb where Johannes performs an alchemic rite by inscribing Enochian letters at the heart of the castle, this will result to sending the castle and demons back to where they came from. The scene follows with Miriam and Johannes back in Arvantville and the castle along with the demons disappearing and opens up with clear blue skies - the two head back home and the screen fades out to the end credits.


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    • Anonymous

      If you use Zangetsuto from Gregory boss fight onwards, until you achieve the “Dethroned” ending using Zangetsuto, the good ending will be slightly different.

      • Anonymous

        I'm lucky I played this game very late. The game is bad at giving hints on what to do.

        I mean, how were ypu supposed to know that there is a specific armour that you need to find somewhere at the Tower of the Twin Dragons or the need to slice the moon when it turns red using Zengetsuo during Gebel's boss fight?

        • Anonymous

          Never found the Aegis Plate. Had to I-Frame the spikes and eat food to out heal the damage. Wish I got at least a sliver of a hint to go back to the twin dragon towers. :-)

          • Anonymous

            I've done all to get second ending(usurper) but after when I cut red moon with zangetsuto the game gave my achievement "just a flicker".
            Why?(But game still go on,like in true ending)

            • Anonymous

              failed to mention that you need to attack gebel multiple times before the moon turns red and becomes hittable

              • Anonymous

                shouldnt step 1 of usurper be about collecting bloodsteal from bloodless? craftwork is unmissable and aside from getting into the oriental lab its not really used much at that point

                • Anonymous

                  After finishing a new run on Hard difficulty (aka. not new game plus) with 100% map completion, I got a slightly different good ending. The good ending that I've seen twice now has a wide shot of Miriam and Johannes talking then walking off without a change in camera perspective (with Zangetsu appearing at the fringes with the right resolution). However, the ending I just got showed a zoom-in of Miriam removing the Zangetsuto, striking it into the ground, then the camera shifts to show the backs of Miriam and Johannes walking away. In the next shot, the Zangetsuto is gone (I'm theorizing that Zangetsu took up arms again, but you don't see him picking it up). Then the credits start to play. What's interesting is that on my new game plus run on Hard difficulty, this ending didn't play. Did anyone get something similar in previous runs or is it from a recent patch I wasn't aware of? I haven't tried my hand at a Nightmare run yet, so maybe the ending changes slightly with that as well.

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