Miriam is an orphan who was taken by the Alchemists and was turned into a Shardbinder for a sacrificial rite - she succumbed into an unknown slumber and was spared for the rite and awakens 10 years later after the chaos. Skilled in combat and in various weapons, she also controls demonic powers that are embedded in her skin that allows her to conjure powerful spells that aid her in combat and dire situations.

Miriam is a Playable Character in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. She is the main protagonist of the game.

About Miriam

A Shardbinder who has lived for 18 years and been frozen in time for another 10. She was taken as a child by the Alchemy Guild and implanted with crystal that lets her wield demonic powers. Miriam was to be sacrificed in the great demon summoning, but fell into a deep sleep and was spared. Now she has woken to the news that Gebel - a man she loves like a brother - may have opened the gates of Hell once again. 

Voiced by: Erica Lindbeck/Ami Koshimizu

Miriam Skills and Equipment

Miriam Starts with the following Stats. A chest near the starting points contain 1x Knife and 1x Kung Fu Shoes.

  • HP 120
  • MP 78
  • Atk 1
  • Def 4
  • Str 6
  • Int 7
  • Con 5
  • Mnd 7
  • Lck 5

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      By far the most beautiful female protagonist I have ever seen in my countless years of video game history.

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