Game Progress Route for Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night presents a recommended progression path for the main story. Since the game has multiple Endings and can be acquired depending on how the player progresses the story, we will cover the path that will lead players to unlock the true ending.

  • Please check the Walkthrough for details. This page is just an overview.
  • Please see New Game Plus for subsequent playthroughs.
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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Game Progress Route

Note that if you were able to acquire one of the two bad endings, you can load your last save game and progress through the game in a different way. Now, since this section will only provide the players with an overview of how to progress the game, we still recommend that you check our Walkthrough for more details.


Galleon Minerva

  1. Acquire your first gear
  2. Obtain your first Shard
  3. Explore the ship and head to the bow
  4. Face the first boss, Vepar


This is the game's prologue and it acts as a tutorial for players to learn the basic game controls. Acquire your first Shard and gear, as well as exploring and discovering hidden paths that contain various items. Further exploring the ship will eventually lead you towards the first boss battle with Vepar.



  1. Rendezvous with Dominique
  2. Visit Dominique's supply post
  3. Take the Village Key from Dominique
  4. Talk to Anne
  5. Talk to Johannes to learn more about Crafting
  6. Meet Lindsay and accept the 1st Quest
  7. Unlock the door of the hub using the Village Key
  8. Complete the Quest and return to Lindsay
  9. Explore the village
  10. Acquire a Capacity Up Upgrade
  11. Head to the next location, Entrance (Gebel's Castle)


A couple of NPCs are introduced in this area, you'll get to meet Dominique, Anne, and Lindsay. The hub of the game will also be unlocked where Miriam can purchase various items and gear from Dominique as well as an introduction to the Crafting mechanic of the game. Make sure you talk to Lindsay so that you can take your 1st quest - further explore the village until you reach the next location, Entrance.



  1. Explore the new location 
  2. Acquire a Capacity Up Upgrade
  3. Learn the Trucidating Gyre skill/ability
  4. Meet Alfred
  5. Follow the path leading to the Garden of Silence


From Arvantville, you'll discover the Entrance to Gebel's castle. This area is pretty straightforward where you'll encounter new demons and acquire various items and a Capacity Upgrade. You'll eventually come across a bookshelf that has a journal for Miriam to read or a skill/ability to learn, but for this case, the Trucidating Gyre skill/ability will be in the bookshelf. As you continue your exploration, you'll find and meet Alfred. Eventually, the path you will travel on will lead you to the Garden of Silence.


Garden of Silence

  1. Explore the Garden
  2. Talk to the Coachman
  3. Acquire an HP Max Up Upgrade
  4. Defeat Zangetsu (Boss)


Fight your way through the demons in the Garden and meet the Coachman. He requests for your aid to move the obstacle blocking his path so that he can help you cross the other side of the garden, but you will need to acquire the Craftwork  shard first so that you can move it. Continue your exploration where you will eventually find an HP Max Up Upgrade, a save room and a fast travel room. As you continue your exploration, the path will lead you to a boss battle against Zangetsu. Defeating him will unlock the route leading to the Dian Cecht Cathedral.


Dian Cecht Cathedral

  1. Acquire HP Max Up Upgrade
  2. Acquire Capacity Up Upgrade
  3. Meet Benjamin and help him
  4. Find the path that will lead to another section of the Entrance
  5. Meet Todd, the good killer barber
  6. Fight the boss: Craftwork
  7. Acquire the Craftwork shard
  8. Return to the Coachman


After the fighting Zangetsu, you'll be able to enter the cathedral. At the first few sections, you can find an HP and Capacity Up Upgrade, and along the way, you'll meet Benjamin who asks for your help to send him home. You'll need to have a Waystone to give to him so that he can be transported back to Arvantville. Proceed further into the cathedral where you'll find a path leading to another section of the Entrance (remember this since you will return to this area later on). 

Once that's done, you'll also meet Todd, the good killer barber who provides his service of changing Miriam's look such as hairstyles and color palettes. Eventually, you will encounter the boss in this area, Craftwork (Boss). Defeat it and obtain its shard, Craftwork, then make your way back to the Coachman at the Garden of Silence.


Garden of Silence (Revisited)

  1. Help the Coachman move the obstacle
  2. Ride the coach to the other end of the garden
  3. Explore the new section
  4. Head to the Tower of Twin Dragons


After obtaining the Craftwork shard, head back to the Garden of Silence towards where the Coachman is. Use the shard to move the obstacle out of the way then ride the coach, this will bring you to another section of the garden. From here there will be two paths that lead to a new location, one leads to the Forbidden Underground Waterway, one leads to the Bridge of Evil and the other to the Tower of Twin Dragons. You may explore the underground waterway, but the next location to progress the game is by heading to the Tower of Twin Dragons


Tower of Twin Dragons

  1. Explore the tower
  2. Obtain Hair Apparent VI
  3. Find Gebel
  4. Proceed into Livre Ex Machina


From revisiting the Garden of Silence, you can find the entrance leading to the Tower of Twin Dragons. Head up the tower and obtain a Hair Apparent VI that is located at the very bottom part of the location, outside the tower.

As you continue your exploration, you will find yourself inside the tower where you'll find Gebel alongside Gremory, as well as Alfred who chases the duo. The goal is to continue exploring and to proceed into the next area Livre Ex Machina to acquire the Double Jump shard in order for you to reach the top of the tower.


Livre Ex Machina

  1. Explore the area
  2. Meet O.D.
  3. Defeat the boss, Andrealphus
  4. Acquire the Double Jump shard
  5. Return to the Tower of Twin Dragons


Explore the new area where you'll find O.D. a non-hostile vampire who manages a library. You can borrow books that will allow Miriam to gain certain buffs, just remember to return it once you're done reading it. Along the way, you will eventually end up facing the boss in this location, Andrealphus.

You'll have to defeat it to acquire the Double Jump shard that you need to further explore the upper area of the tower. Once you've acquired the shard, head back to the Tower of Twin Dragons.


Tower of Twin Dragons (Revisited)

  1. Use Double Jump to reach the higher section of the tower
  2. Fight Valac, the twin dragons
  3. Obtain the Silver Bromide
  4. Return to Arvantville
  5. Show Dominique the Silver Bromide
  6. Have your photo taken
  7. Head to Livre Ex Machina
  8. Speak to O.D.
  9. Acquire your credentials, a Passplate
  10. Travel to the Bridge of Evil


Head back to the Tower of Twin Dragons after acquiring the Double Jump shard and use it inside the room that has a high platform. As you continue exploring the castle, the path will eventually take you to a boss battle against Valac. Kill it to reach the chest containing a Silver Bromide.

Once you've acquired the key item, head back to Arvantville and show the item to Dominique. She will then take a photo of Miriam and you'll acquire an Identification. Next, you'll have to make your way to Livre Ex Machina and speak to O.D. so that you can acquire your Passplate. Once you have Miriam's credentials, head to the Bridge of Evil to enter the train.


Bridge of Evil

  1. Gain access to the train's station using the Passplate
  2. Team up with Zangetsu
  3. Head to the front of the train before the timer reaches zero
  4. Defeat the boss, Glutton Train


As soon as you gain access to the train station, you'll find Zangetsu. Since he is unable to head inside, he asks for Miriam's help and the two teams up to explore the train. Once you're on the train, a 5-minute countdown will begin - the goal is to reach the front of the train and defeat the boss, Glutton Train before the time runs out.

After the battle, you'll reach the other end of the train station and Zangetsu will leave the party. Continue following the path that will lead you to the next location, the Underground Sorcery Lab.


Underground Sorcery Lab

  1. Explore the Lab
  2. Fight the boss, Bathin
  3. Acquire the Reflector Ray shard
  4. Return to Livre Ex Machina


Once you enter the lab, you'll find Dominique wandering around looking for Zangetsu. She leaves and asks for you to tell Zangetsu to return to her if ever you meet him again. Explore the laboratory where you'll eventually end up facing the boss, Bathin. You'll need to defeat him to acquire the Reflector Ray shard. Once you've obtained the shard, revisit Livre Ex Machina.


Livre Ex Machina (Revisited)

  1. Use the Reflector Ray shard inside the room with the reflector platforms
  2. Proceed into the new section of the location
  3. Kill the boss, Abyssal Guardian
  4. Make your way to the Hall of Termination


Once you're back in Livre Ex Machina, head to the upper area where the fast travel room is to reach the section where you can find reflectors. With the Reflector Ray shard, you can use it to cross the other end and into a new area of this location. Eventually, you'll end up facing the boss guarding the Hall of Termination. Kill the Abyssal Guardian and continue into the next location.


Hall of Termination

  1. Explore the Hall of Termination
  2. Look for the path that leads to another section of Dian Cecht Cathedral
  3. Avoid entering Gebel's throne room
  4. Revisit another section of Dian Cecht Cathedral


Once you've arrived in the Hall of Termination, you'll have to find the path that leads to another section of Dian Cecht Cathedral, specifically a section which is the bell tower. While you're exploring, you'll most likely encounter a section of the hall that has a tall staircase and leads to a red glowing door where a boss waits on the other side. Avoid entering this room since it is Gebel's throne room.

Entering his room will instantly start the battle with him and result in acquiring one out of the two bad endings. If ever you accidentally follow this path, you can reload your recently saved game and instead of heading into Gebel's throne room, proceed to the bell tower of Dian Cecht Cathedral


Dian Cecht Cathedral (Revisited)

  1. Acquire the Carpenter's Key
  2. Look for the chambers of the vampire demon
  3. Kill the boss, Bloodless
  4. Acquire the Blood Steal shard
  5. Acquire the Red Umbrella weapon
  6. Head back to the Entrance
  7. Look for the room that has a fountain full of blood
  8. Use the Blood Steal shard to reveal an underground path
  9. Head into the Forbidden Underground Waterway


Once you enter the bell tower of the cathedral, head to the upper area where you can find a chest containing the Carpenter's Key(You can jump, then use dive kick (down, left or right and attack) on top of the lamp in the cealing to provide you enough trhust to get to the bell) Get it and continue exploring the area.

You'll eventually find the chambers of the vampire demon, Bloodless. The battle will only start once you open the curtain. Kill her to acquire the Blood Steal shard, the next room will have the Red Umbrella weapon inside the chest.

After you've acquired the shard, head back to the Entrance and look for the room that has a fountain full of blood. Stand in the middle of the fountain and activate Blood Steal for Miriam to absorb the blood. This will reveal a hidden path from the fountain that will lead you to the next location, the Forbidden Underground Waterway.


Forbidden Underground Waterway

  1. Explore the underground waterway
  2. Acquire the Aqua Stream shard
  3. Use it to dive underwater
  4. Find the path that leads into the Hidden Desert


For this section, the objective is to acquire the Aqua Stream shard from killing a Deeseama. Explore the location until you reach a path that has bodies of water, you'll most likely encounter a Deeseama swimming. Kill it to acquire the shard, if it doesn't drop its shard, you can exit the room and re-enter the room for the demon to respawn, eventually, it will drop its shard.

Once you've acquired the shard, you can use it to dive underwater. However, you won't be able to walk on the surface and open chests. Simply follow the path until you reach the door that will lead you to the Hidden Desert.


Hidden Desert

  1. Explore the area
  2. Look for the room that has an elevator
  3. Fight Alfred (Boss)
  4. Head towards the corridor that was blocked by Alfred
  5. Acquire the Deep Sinker shard
  6. Port to the Forbidden Underground Waterway
  7. Dive underwater and use the Deep Sinker shard
  8. Go through the section that leads to Secret Sorcery Lab


Explore the Hidden Desert and find the room that has an elevator. You'll notice that on one of the floors, there will be a barrier blocking the path. Head to the top floor where it will take you to Alfred. You'll have to defeat him for the barrier to disappear.

Once the battle is done, head back to the floor that had the barrier, and go inside the room to find the Deep Sinker Shard. After acquiring the shard, retrace your steps and return to the Forbidden Underground Waterway.

Dive underwater where you'll find a section of the cave that has a gap in between a wall. Use the Deep Sinker shard so that you can walk on the ground and use other shards. From here, use Reflector Ray to teleport to the other end then follow the path that will lead you to the Secret Sorcery Lab.


Secret Sorcery Lab

  1. Look for the door that leads to a boss fight
  2. Defeat Miriam's Doppelganger
  3. Go through the path the boss was blocking
  4. Discover the next location, Inferno Cave


From the underwater path, you'll find yourself at the Secret Sorcery Lab. You'll find Alfred and Dominique here and a cutscene will begin. Once you've regained control of Miriam, simply follow the path (since it is quite straightforward) until you reach the door leading to a boss arena.

Fight the Doppelganger and push through the path it was blocking to discover the next location, Inferno Cave.


Inferno Cave

  1. Look for the boss arena of the Inferno Cave
  2. Fight Orobas
  3. Acquire the Invert shard
  4. Port to the Tower of Twin Dragons
  5. Acquire the Aegis Plate
  6. Port to Dian Cecht Cathedral
  7. Head towards the path that leads to another section of the Entrance
  8. Go through the spiked path
  9. Find the door leading to the next location, Oriental Sorcery Lab


The objective for this location is to acquire the Invert shard. Eventually, upon exploring, you'll end up finding the path leading to Orobas.

Fight the demon, kill it, and acquire the Invert shard.

Port to the Tower of Twin Dragons and head to the entrance that connects the room that has an elevator and where you defeated Valac. From here, activate Invert where you'll land on the ceiling of the tower. You'll find a chest that has the Aegis Plate.

Next, port to Dian Cecht Cathedral and take the path that leads to another section of the Entrance. At the upper level, you'll come across a spiked path. You'll have to do the following to reach the next location:

  1. Use Craftwork to move the iron maiden
  2. Equip Aegis Plate to walk on the spiked path
  3. Head to the top until you reach a dead-end
  4. Activate Invert and walk along the spiked path again
  5. Use Craftwork  to move the iron maiden again
  6. Continue following the path until you see a door
  7. Reactivate Invert to drop down onto the door and enter it to reach the Oriental Sorcery Lab


Oriental Sorcery lab

  1. Explore the laboratory
  2. Solve the Arch Puzzle to reach the next section
  3. Fight Zangetsu (Boss)
  4. Acquire the Zangetsuto
  5. Port to the Hall of Termination
  6. Confront Gebel
  7. Free Gebel from Gremory's Control
  8. Port to the Garden of Silence
  9. Strike the red moon using the Zangetsuto
  10. Follow Gremory through the portal leading to the Den of Behemoths


Upon arriving, you'll need to explore further into the lab until you find a section of the location that has a dead-end with a red arch. Click here to see how to reach the area by using the arch. Eventually, you'll end up finding the door that will lead to Zangetsu, fight him and defeat him to acquire the Zangetsuto.

After acquiring the weapon, equip the Zangetsuto, port to the Hall of Termination and head towards Gebel's room to fight him. Now, once the battle starts, immediately shift your focus towards the red moon and strike it with the Zangetsuto. This will result in revealing Gremory and releasing Gebel from her control.

Once the cutscene ends, port to the Garden of Silence and head into the section where you can find the red moon appearing close to Miriam from the background. With the Zangetsuto equipped, cut it to reveal Gremory along with a portal that leads a new location. Follow Gremory through the portal that will take you to the Den of Behemoths.


Den of Behemoths

  1. Follow Zangetsu
  2. Fight the boss, Valefar
  3. Continue going through the path leading to the Glacial Tomb


Once you've discovered Gremory's hideout, you'll find a heavily-wounded Alfred as well as Johannes and Zangetsu. After the cutscene, you'll have to catch up with Zangetsu and look for the path that will take you to the heart of the castle, the Glacial Tomb.

However, that path is guarded by the area boss, Valefar. Simply kill it to unlock the path and you'll eventually find the door leading to the tomb.


Glacial Tomb

  1. Find Zangetsu
  2. Fight Gremory
  3. Acquire the Dimension Shift shard
  4. Use the shard to enter a blocked path within the tomb
  5. Fight Dominique (Boss)
  6. Fight Bael
  7. Endings


Upon arriving at the Glacial Tomb, the path here will be straightforward and will lead you to where you want to be. First, upon exploring the area, you'll stumble upon a section that is blocked by a wall of ice where it shows a path at the other end. While the other section will lead towards Gremory (Boss). The first thing you will need to to do is fight Gremory and acquire the Dimension Shift shard.

Once you've acquired the shard, head back to the room where the path is blocked and use Dimension Shift to teleport to the other end. From here the path will take you towards a save room and the final boss battle.

Save the game and proceed into the section where Dominique (Boss) awaits, after defeating her, the 2nd phase of the battle will follow where you will now face the king of demons, Bael. Kill it and the true ending will follow.

See the Endings page for outcomes.


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      In the Oriental Sorcery Lab section above, it mentions immediately shifting your focus in the Gebel fight to the moon and striking it with Zangetsuto. This is misleading - you will need to fight Gebel until his health is low. Only then does the moon change color to red and allow you to slash it, revealing Gremory.

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        Guide is *****ed up. After Hall of termination when we revisit Dian Cecht it is impossible to get carpenter key, because you don't have invert ability yet. So pretty much everything after "Hall of termination" in this progress route is a mess.

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