Locations for Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night is categorized as the game's various areas players will encounter, these areas will play out across a vast castle map. Because of the size of the map, the game will provide warp gates throughout the castle that will allow players to quickly travel from point to point to prevent an excessive amount of backtracking.

  • Please see Maps to view a diagrammatic representation of each location in the game.
  • Please see Enemies and Bosses for further information on where you may encounter these hostile beings.


Locations in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night

Galleon Minerva

Galleon Minerva is a large, multi-decked ship used by the protagonist and that acts as the first level and tutorial of the game.



Arvantville is a village that serves as the main hub of the game. Various NPCs can be found here who are Quest givers and also Merchants that sell you items and assist in Crafting



This location is the entrance of Gebel's castle where structures of stone and marble surround the area alongside new demons that you'll face.


Garden of Silence

A garden that is located outside Gebel's castle, it is surrounded by a green environment filled with Plantae where flora type demons inhabit the area.


Dian Cecht Cathedral

A cathedral within the castle where demonic rites are practiced. It highlights a quiet yet eerie vibe and is surrounded by glass and stone decorations.


Tower of Twin Dragons

The tower is located at the center of Gebel's castle, where gears that spin along with the tower protrude beyond the tower's walls.


Livre Ex Machina

Livre Ex Machina is a library that is heavily structured with steampunk design and is mixed with the influence of both the ancient and futuristic technology. Apparition type demons that have possessed various objects inhabit the area. 


Bridge of Evil

The Bridge of Evil is a location that connects two train stations where one must acquire their credentials to board the train.


Underground Sorcery Lab

A laboratory that is situated under the castle. Sorcery was heavily practiced in the lab as well as conjuring various demons.


Hall of Termination

The Hall of Termination serves as the location of Gebel's throne room. It features a medieval design that is filled with gold patterns. 


Forbidden Underground Waterway

A secret underground path that is dark and hollow. It features a cavernous area, a water level that you can swim and dive into and a new set of amphibious demons.


Hidden Desert

The Hidden Desert is a tomb-like area that is underground and filled with bodies of quicksand. Living fossils and more demons inhabit the area.


Secret Sorcery Lab

A small secret lab that is located deep underground where an extreme level of sorcery is practiced to conjure demons and experiment on them.


Inferno Cave

A cave situated deep underground where flame type demons inhabit the area and are surrounded by bodies of magma.


Oriental Sorcery Lab

A laboratory that is heavily structured with an eastern scheme mixed with various Japanese style designs.


Den of Behemoths

 The Den of Behemoths is a reimagined location of the Garden of Silence where enemies and objects are much larger than the normal human size.


Glacial Tomb

The Glacial Tomb, it serves as the final location and the heart of the castle. It is surrounded by an ice structure and features narrow areas alongside ice-type demons.

8-bit Nightmare

A hidden location where players are thrown into a retro level with 8-bit graphics. Surely, it was created as a homage to the very first Castlevania game.


Carpenter's Room

A locked room located at the Oriental Sorcery Lab where a Master Carpenter awaits.


Celeste's Room

A locked room found in Livre Ex Machina. It belonged to a woman named Celeste who was fond of collecting music boxes.


Millionaire's Room

A locked room located at the Hall of Termination. It belonged to a millionaire who made it into a room where one can gamble.



Warhorse's Room

A locked room located in the Garden of Silence. It is a room designed to seal a powerful demon.




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