NPCs in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night are the cast of supernaturals and mundanes that can be found throughout your journey. These NPCs can trade with you, provide services, Quests, and most importantly, add as a piece of a puzzle to better understand the story and lore of the game. 


Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night NPCs


Johannes is a member of the Alchemist guild, the last surviving Alchemist, an ally to Miriam and Dominique, and Gebel's best friend.



Dominique is an acquaintance of Johannes, and an ally of Miriam, she is a posh exorcist that has been sent by the church to stop the demons and Gebel's plans.



Anne is a cheerful and smart village girl whose parents were murdered by the demons who attacked Arvantville. She was rescued by both Miriam and Dominique before she was about to be killed by a demon



Lindsay is a vengeful and strong-willed woman who survived and escaped the demons and now takes refuge in the abandoned building together with Johannes, Dominique, and Anne.



Alfred is a soft-spoken, creative, and wise man who is fully equipped with powerful alchemic abilities that don't match his fellow alchemists. A mentor to Johannes and father figure to both him and Miriam.


The Coachman

The Coachman is an undead being who drives a coach. He seems to be a servant of Gebel who lives only to drive the passengers who ride his vehicle.



 One of the surviving villagers of Arvantville, Harry is a farmer who can help Miriam plant and grow crops.


 Abigail is one of the few survivors of Arvantville. She is a religious woman who has strong faith in what she believes in and wishes to give different mementos to honor the fallen villagers.


One of the few surviving villagers in Arvantville. Susie is an old woman who appears later in Dominique's shop. Due to old age, she has trouble remembering certain things and asks for Miriam's help to give her a specific dish she craves for.



Benjamin is a traveler who loves to wander around the castle. Trouble follows him and leaves him caught up in sticky situations in spite of being adventurous and brave yet reckless and helpless.



 Todd, the good killer barber is a demon who is able to keep his sanity. His only wish is to cast away the curse by perfecting 666 different hairstyles. He provides his service to Miriam by changing her appearance.


Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule

Orlok Fahrenheit Dracule or better known as "O.D." is a non-hostile vampire who presides over the Livre Ex Machina Library. He cares about nothing but books, and as a consequence treats demons and humans with equal disinterest.



Gebel is a sharbinder and long-time friend of both Miriam and Johannes. Apart from Miriam, he is the last surviving shardbinder who was able to withstand the effects of the experiments done to him at such a severe level. The host of the magi-crystal curse, Gebel uses his powers to summon the demon castle to spread disaster on the planet.


Gremory is a half-human and a half-beast demon who is well-known to be the goddess of the moon. The 56th demon in Solomon's grimoire, Gremory was summoned by Gebel to become his right hand who aids him with completing his plan.


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