Hidden Desert is a Location in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Please see Walkthrough for other areas. The Hidden Desert is an underground area that is buried under Gebel's castle. New demonic creatures lie within and another location that is yet to be discovered.


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Hidden Desert Walkthrough

With the acquisition of the ability to swim and dive underwater, Miriam discovers a path that leads into a Hidden Desert where she faces an old acquaintance.

A Desert within the Castle

To gain access to this area, make sure you acquire the Aqua Stream shard from the Deeseama so that you can dive underwater to locate the path leading to this location. Now, once you arrive, there will be an Amy floating around that inflicts damage and Slow upon contact, drop to the bottom level and head to the next room to your left. 

In this room, you'll find the following, demons roaming the room such as 1x Poison Toad. 1x Amy, 1x Allocer, and 1x Vul'sha, a chest at the left-hand side containing 1x Mithridate, 1x Mahogany, 1x Crystal, and 1x MP Max Up at the top. Once you've collected all the items, head back to the previous room and jump back up near the entrance and make your way into the next room going east.

You'll find the next area to have quicksand in between the ground, as long as you keep moving or jumping you'll be able to avoid getting sucked into it. Continue head east until you reach a fast travel room for you to use and unlock. After locating the fast travel room, head back to the previous room and drop down the bottom level where you'll encounter 1x Zepar, 1x Poison Toad, and 1x Vul'sha - kill the demons and proceed to the next room.

Up next, you will need to head down to the bottom level and into the next room that has multiple demons in it. The bottom level has a chest for you to open - there will be 2x Allocer guarding the chest and 1x Vul'sha flying around the room. Once you've collected the item inside the chest, you can go into the next area.

Inside the room, as mentioned, there will be multiple demons, 2x Amy, a Poison Toad, 1x Vul'sha, 2x Allocer. You can find a chest on the 2nd level at the west-hand side that contains 1x Mithridate while a journal Miriam can read to learn the Lasting Wound skill/ability at the bottom east side of the room. After collecting the following, head to the 2nd level and jump onto the platforms that will take you to another area.

After reaching the area, you can find a save room to your left and lift that you can operate to your right. Save your game and head towards the lift. Next, ride the lift all the way to the top where you'll encounter a red glowing door which indicates that there is a boss is waiting in the next room.

Boss Battle, Alfred

A boss battle with Alfred will follow after the exchange of dialogues. You can visit the Bosses page to learn more about strategies on how to defeat this boss. Upon defeat, players will unlock the "Hermetically Sealed" Trophy/Achievement. Alfred then disappears after losing the fight and the seal blocking the 3rd floor in the previous room disappears.

Head back to the lift and go down one level from where the seal was blocking the way, you can acquire the Deep Sinker shard in the room ahead. Once you've acquired the shard, retrace your steps to the fast travel room and teleport back to the Forbidden Underground Waterway - activating Deep Sinker will cause Miriam to travel on foot while underwater allowing her to open chests and further traverse the area.

Return to the Underground Waterway

Once you're back in the fast travel room of the Forbidden Underground Waterway, swim towards the room where you can dive underwater. Head to the bottom west side of the area and activate the Deep Sinker shard and enter the path leading to the next area.

Now, you'll encounter 1x Glashtyn and past it is a gap in between the wall. You can enter this new area by using Reflector Ray, just make sure you have the Deep Sinker shard activated so that you can use Reflector Ray - once you're through, you'll encounter another Glashtyn before proceeding to the next room.

In the next room, you'll find a chest containing 1x Fried Fish that is guarded by a Scylla. From here, swim to the top to reach the surface. Once you're on the surface, head to the top and to your left, where you can find a chest that has 1x Swordfish and a breakable wall to your right that contains 1x Plunderer's Ring.

After collecting the items, head back down the surface towards the wall with a gap and use Reflector Ray to get across. You'll now find another red glowing door that will take you to the next location, the Secret Sorcery Lab.




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hidden dessert  blue chests

Map of every blue chest in Hidden Desert


Trivia & Notes:

Hidden Desert is the only area with chests containing Gold. This makes it very suitable for farming runs. The map above can help you plan your route.




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