Location Dian Cecht Cathedral (Revisited)
Weakness Thrust, Light, Slash
Reward Blood Steal

Bloodless is a Boss in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated to progress or unlock special abilities.


Bloodless Location



Bloodless Rewards



Bloodless Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Bloodless will start the fight by closing the distance and swinging her umbrella at you. You can jump over her, crouch, or backstep to avoid it. When Bloodless raises her arm she will send out a wavelength of blood. You can avoid this by having enough space or by crouching at the right moment. At times Bloodless will send out 2 umbrellas that will hover above players. They won't hurt you at first, once they close and begin to home in on you thats when you want to avoid them. When Bloodless brings her umbrella parallel to the ground she will send out a stream of blood in an arc. It will roughly reach in a 90 degree angle; players can stand behind the boss to avoid this easily. Bloodless' healing technique will activate when she is weak and is signaled by her curling her body and expanding like she is caught in a summer rainstorm. She absorbs all blood in the area; hopefully you haven't been hit too often! She heals for 100 HP per tick so use your most powerful attack during this animation to mitigate her health regeneration.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Umbrella Swing Crouch, Backstep, Jump
Wavelength of blood Crouch or create distance from attack
Umbrella Summon Jump over Umbrellas
Blood Stream Get behind Bloodless
Blood Steal Heals Bloodless 100 per tick. 



Bloodless Lore

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Bloodless Notes & Trivia

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  • She appears to have a slash across her throat which constantly bleeds as long as she has mp. Whether it was self inflicted or an act of murder has not yet been stated.
  • In the options menu, you can change the color of blood.  This effect changes all the colors in the cutscene as well as the boss fight with her.  This effect is only visual, and doesn't change the gameplay of the fight.



Bloodless Image Gallery

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