Hatchet Heel

While airborne, bring your heel down on enemies like the fall of an axe.
Controls hatchet-heel-movekeys-bloodstained-wiki-guide
MP cost 20

Hatchet Heel is a Moveset in Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. Movesets are special moves that cost MP to perform. Each move has special abilities from more damage to new movement capabilities that gives allows the player to unlock features of the game.


Weapons that use Hatchet Heel 


How to acquire Hatchet Heel

  • Garden of Silence revisited: After moving the heavy object that was blocking the Coachman's path, he can now fly you over to the far end of the garden. From here, drop down to find a bookshelf with a journal for Miriam to learn the Hatchet Heel skill/ability.


Notes for Hatchet Heel 

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