Simmered Forneus


Simmered whitefish that falls apart in your mouth

Simmered Forneus is a Prepared Food in Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night. It is used as a consumable item that provides Miriam with various stat boosts. Prepared Food can be cooked or "prepared" by speaking to Johannes and providing the required Materials.



 Simmered Forneus Usage and Effect

  • When consumed for the first time it provides +5 INT



How to Find Simmered Forneus

  • The recipe (Fish Dish) needs to be discovered before you can make this.  The recipe is in a chest in the Forbidden Underground Waterway.
  • Speak to Johannes and choose the option "Prepare" to view the list of food that can be cooked.
  • Simmered Forneus can be prepared with:



Simmered Forneus Notes & Tips

  • Here is a map for where the Fish Dish recipe book is required to cook this recipe.



Prepared Food
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