Words of Wisdom

enchant shard bloodstained ritual of the night wiki guide
 Reduces MP consumption
Shard Type Passive Shards
Dropped By Archdemon
MP Cost -

Words of Wisdom is a Passive Shard in Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night. By equipping different shards, players gain access to skills that can be used for different purposes like combat, movement, and progression of the game. Each Shard can be obtained by defeating the specific enemy that hold it's power. You can acquire multiple Shards of the same type to amplify their power. They can also be enhanced by using materials at Merchants.


Words of Wisdom Information

Reduces MP consumption

Enhancing it provides with ocassionally 0 mana cost spells                                                                      Stacking the shards to increase the grade, will provide higher MP discount


How to Get Words of Wisdom


Words of Wisdom Notes

    • This is percentage-based, not a flat number
    • A must shard if you want to rely on Conjure shards, as a rank 7 and grade 9 Words of Wisdom still has a high chance on giving you 0 MP spells
    • It can be paired with the Warlock Necklace to further reduce the MP consumption
    • Pair it with the MP quickcharge bonus from food items to increase shard spammability




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