Eight Bit Overlord

A demon overlord who has been banished to another dimension inside of a book
Location 8-bit Nightmare (location)
Drops 8-bit Nightmare (item) 8.00%
Shard 8-bit Flame 4.00%
LVL 50
HP 6660
XP 5024

Eight Bit Overlord are hostile Enemies in Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night that the player can confront to obtain experience, items, shards, materials, weapons, armor, and accessories. They posses different abilities and movements.


Eight Bit Overlord Enemy Description

  • A big 8-bit violet demon that inhabits another dimension


Eight Bit Overlord Location


Eight Bit Overlord Drops


Eight Bit Overlord Combat Information

  • It can cast columns of fire at Miriam. While this is considered a lesser enemy he fights like a boss.
  • Eight Bit Overlord will start the fight by lunging at you. Time your double jump promptly to avoid this attack. When he glows orange and summons fire pillars on the ground and ceiling you want to double jump over this ability. At times, Overlord will briefly fly then slam himself down causing pillars of fire to erupt from the ground. Be careful if you are in close range as he will shoot out several fireballs that will cling to floors and walls. They will erupt in flame pillars after a few seconds. When Overlord attempts to fly be ready to slide away from him. Later in the fight his slam fire pillar attack will gain aerial fireballs that becomes flame pillars once they touch the ground. His fireball flame pillar attack will have a fire pillar wave running across the ground. Using Invert can help you avoid it if you are having trouble timing your jumps. His ground and ceiling flame pillars will have alternating ripple patterns so take note of the safe spots while jumping. To ease your fight against Eight Bit Overlord use flame resistant armor.
  • You can block all his fire attacks with Directed Shield, which trivialize the fight, even at low level.
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curse-icon-bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night-wiki-guide-22px100 stone-icon-bloodstained-ritual-of-the-night-wiki-guide-22px100  


Eight Bit Overlord Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • Other notes


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    • Anonymous

      Yeah, seems the Location page is broke and just lead to the upgrade item.

      To those trying to find how to get into the the 8 bit area: teleport into the Hall of Termination, exit the teleport room, jump to the top of that tall staircase like room and break the ceiling, jump through and in the next area (among loot) there's another breakable wall to the left, break it, go through, in this new room is a bookshelf that in using it acts as a portal to the 8 bit area. Oh and in the room with the bookshelf is also a portrait of Iga himself! LoL

      • Anonymous

        Upbeat Heat is probably the most effective skill against him. Just activate it before he starts channeling his flame attacks and then block everything with directed shield. Of course if you activate it too close or too far it won't do much damage, but even if that happens you can just reactivate it at a better spot for maximum effect.

        • Anonymous

          Did someone break this page? The 8-bit nightmare location links to the item, and the item links to nowhere. I just wanna know how to find that place.

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